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TRT and Gains

OK. We all are hearing abourt Low T. I’d like to hear some positives about your TRT replacement, mine was almost double digits, went to Testim 10 Mgs. for about a yr. Then the Dr. wanted me to try some Axiron. Seems OK so far, but for some reason my bench has been jumping up there within the last 3 months, I’m 51 - 205 lbs. and today I pushed 350 for a single,jumped about 20 lbs, been eating pretty normal , nothing special, has anybody else seen gains on TRT.

I’ll have to get back to you on that. I made great (novice) gains before I started TRT, unfortunately just as I came on I sustained an injury that has kept me very limited in the gym. Currently doing aggressive rehab with a great chiropractor and can’t wait to make full use of my new high T.

One thing I notice though, even with limited training (and consciously eating less since I’m training less) I maintain very easily. Before TRT, if I was out of the gym for 2 weeks my gains would start to evaporate. These days, when I can lift, I’m just strong as I was before the injury and sometimes stronger–and I lose very little muscle and gain no fat regardless. My body is at a new set point. That part is great.

But in general, I’d guess everyone should make some gains if their protocol is sound. Not crazy cycle gains, but solid gains that would have come more slowly (or not at all) being low T.

Congratulations on the bench increase. I doubt if it was solely due to the testosterone replacement, although having your T levels in the right range will produce the right environment hormonally to induce such gains. More than likely it was due to a combination of proper diet, hard lifting, and rest.

I’ve been on for about 8 weeks now…didn’t train at all for the first week or so, but then started CT’s HP Mass Program and ran that for 6 weeks…so far I’ve only retested my bench 3RM, but it went from 325 -> 355, so I was pretty happy with that…expecting similar jumps for squat, and DL, and slightly smaller jumps for incline & OHP

When my T’s where low it didn’t matter what kinda program I was on, there was no gains whatsoever, very disappointing, when you work your Ass off and nothing, right now things are improving. I know this won’t last forever, will probably have to change something. Thanks for the feedback.