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TRT and Fertility

Ok here is my Dilemma. I had been on TRT for seven years living my best life. I meet a beautiful girl get married then we decide we are going to have a child. I go get a Semen analysis done and I have a 0 sperm count. I asked about CHG the doc said the only way I was going to get back to normal is to get off of testosterone and that’s what I did a year ago. I have felt like a dead man walking for the past eight months or so but I do now have a normal sperm count. The new issue is that I have absolutely no sex drive and so right now doing this the old fashioned way are out of the question. Now my question if I were to take the T intermittently could I get some sex drive back without destroying my sperm count?

Your doctor is an idiot.

HCG and FSH injections will maintain your sperm count while on TRT. HCG alone is oftentimes enough. Add FSH on top of that and you’ll be fine to do both… it’s literally the signal for your balls to make sperm. The downside is fsh is quite expensive… so I’d probably try HCG + TRT only first. Something like 500 or 750 IU’s 3x a week if you tolerate it well.

Also, you can have sperm frozen now while you’re packing plenty of swimmers and have that as a backup option if necessary so you can quit feeling like death already and get back on some T


Agree completely. Some men as in less than 10% take a long time to regain fertility while on TRT using HCG and FSH, and go off TRT to regain fertility. To say you should do what the unfortunate outliers have to do when there is a high cost to it (feeling miserable for a year) seems pretty silly. At least trying to regain fertility while on TRT makes a lot more sense.

If the doctor would not give me HCG, I would just get it online. It can be verified to be real with an inexpensive pregnancy test.

Fire your doctor. He put you through a year of Low T for likely no benefit.


Your doc is an idiot, now you have backslid into the state you were in prior to TRT. HCG and/or FSH was all you needed all without stopping TRT. Empower Pharmacy is the cheapest option for HCG and FSH.

You should find a new doc asap.

So my doc is from the University of Michigan and was on the team of Doctors that wrote the TRT guidance for the United States. For the record I agree with you. I believe most doctors know very little about TRT. It’s sad really. And yes I have gained back about 60 pounds of the 100 I lost on TRT.

When/if you see him again, extend your middle finger and say Danny Bossa says hello.


The sad part is I’m sure the doc would be 100% sure he knows more about it than you, regardless of reality. Doctors, meh.

Of course! They are doctors! Demi God’s really.

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Well TRT is self taught, so unless your doc lives and breaths TRT every day, these docs will continue to be clueless.