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TRT and Facial Shape

Has anyone who is on TRT noticed changes in their face? I heard somewhere this can happen but wondering if anyone on the forum experienced this.

It might get less fat over time. It might bloat like crazy initially from E2. Exactly what are we talking about?

I’ve just heard that it makes a persons face change to look more masculine and tightens the jaw, cheeks, ect. Wondering if anyone here had any input on that

Almost everyone will notice more masculine features when testosterone is optimal, men with low T tend to have feminine features.

definitely experience this.

Very noticeable. But maybe it just comes along with strengthening your whole body? Not sure. But yes, I have noticed this. Jaw more square.

It could be caused by the increase in IGF-1 and GH that TRT tends to lead to, could it not? On top of weight loss you may experience with TRT.

My wife says that I appear more square, but not my face in particular.