TRT and Ester Weight

The general consensus is that more than 200mg per week is the thresh hold for a healthy TRT (long term) dose. Anything more starts to become counterproductive.

At least to my understanding.

Is this considering ester weights or is this 200mg of Test E or C? (what I think is the most commonly prescribed TRT ester)

200mg of Test E or C would actually be 140mg or 138mg weekly.

TRT doses are mg’s of the ester and mg’s of T is only a technical concern.

Many do very well with 100mg T ester per week. The 200mg/week doses seem to be an aberration from T clinics. These high doses may have to be abandoned if HTC gets out of control. Some guys simply cannot get balanced with higher doses. That can be E2 levels or simply a mental state.

Libido can be very high on 100mg T ester for some guys.

I have to regard “general consensus is that more than 200mg per week” as wrong as it implies that 200mg T ester is broadly supported.

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