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TRT And Elevated IGF-1

I received some new labs today, and my new doctor measured my IGF-1 for the first time. The number came back elevated. I have not had a phone consult to discuss my numbers yet.

IGF-1 270ng/mL (88-246)

I have three questions about this:

  • can this be due to my TRT treatment?
  • is this number really that high?
  • should I seek help with a doctor outside my T clinic?

I have similar. It is normal to be a bit elevated due to TRT, it is nothing to worry about even it is a god thing

There is a positive correlation between testosterone and IGF-1.

I don’t know if I would attribute it to god.

Haha sorry I meant good

I figured. I had to take my opportunity for comedy.

I wish I had a larger IGF-1 response form TRT. I went from like 120 to 140. The dose has been bumped up, so maybe I’ll get a larger bump.

I had 24 before TRT so it became 270 from TRT but in most people it falls to baseline within a year