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Trt and Effects on Testicles/Sex

I know the topic on testicle size and use of hcg has been beat to death. But I have yet to see the topic of ejaculatory volume or testicle fluid fullness covered. Being on trt makes me in the mood mentally. But physically my testicles never feel full. Like when your around 20 and they are going to burst. I have also found my ejaculatory volume to be less. This becomes a complicated matter.

I had a hernia at childhood. Then a vasectomy at 28. Another hernia at 33. And at 35 I was put on trt. But up until the trt my volume was good. I try to fix this with vitamins, zinc, l-arginine, and tribulus. I am still not even close to before. Would this be helped by hcg? Secondly I am on my second year of trt on just 150mg/wk of test-cyp and my own addition of adex. Is it to late to add hcg?

Any help or thoughts. Thanks

After a bought of prastatitis which led me to see a urologist I had a volume of about 0.5 mL. Sometimes less. I’ve found that this has improved and most noticeably with hCG but never to where I was in my early thirties.

Test has a positive effect on seminal vesicles however a large portion is coming from the prostate too. Maybe it’s normal as we age but it’s not something we would have asked our fathers or grandfathers is it?

Definitely something my father does not like to discuss. I try to ask him questions. He will try to converse. But it is an awkward moment. He is 58 an had his T levels check out at 600’s. Where as mine was 230’s at 36 years. Sadly he believes the downward sex drive and all things private parts to be age and the same old same old(same partner and same routine).

My Endro believes there is a link between vasectomies and low T. He said he will see many with low T about 7 years after the procedure. I am sure in my case the vasectomy and being on test-cyp with no hcg is lowering the volume. Maybe others with experiences or advice can chime in.

I believe this trend of low T is largely environmental. Maybe something that we’ve been exposed to since children. Sorta makes me think of those apocalypse type movies where everyone is infertile.

HCG should help the volume.

Is it to late to get on hcg? I have been on trt for 1.5-2 years.

It’s never “too late”, but there is no way to be sure that your testes will come back to what they were before. It seems everyone is different.