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TRT and Eating More?


I just began TRT. Will I need to increase my caloric intake once my T levels go up if I want to gain muscle mass?****


T will improve your metabolic rate and you could be eating more … and loosing fat. Muscle gain creates protein hunger and if you do not feel protein, hunger cannot be satisfied by carbs so you can over eat carbs.

All of this is impacted by thyroid function and body temperatures.

If thyroid and/or adrenals are a mess, metabolic demands of T can outstrip capacity of these other systems.


I feel more hungry than I did prior to starting TRT two weeks ago. Just wondering if this is all in my head. I would like to add 10-15 lbs of muscle and certainly wouldn’t mind eating more! I already eat a lot of protein. Very conscious to limit carbs. I don’t eat junk food or fast food.


Started Trt a week ago and feel quite a bit more hungry and thirsty. Drinking much more water now.


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