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TRT and E2 Help

Hey guys I need some help. I started on trt about a year ago, I am currently on 240 mg of test cyp a week taking bi weekly injections. I am extremely E sensitive if my numbers get in the 40’s my work flops with high E symptoms and can only get erection with cialis. I have been doing fine for the past six months or so…

Cut to a few weeks ago I went in for visit and refill my previous labs had shown high hemoglobin so I gave a unit. My test was 1390 and my E2 was 43 three days after I lost erection but could function with Cialis. Changed by dosage of Arimidex to .5 every other day for two days then back to .25 ( previously been taking .25 every three days) I must have blown past the sweet spot and went to low because a few days later I couldn’t get an erection even with the cialis.

I stopped the Arimidex all together a week ago last Friday, have had sex several times with the aid of that lil pill of course but I’m still not right! And never know if it’s going to rise or not, the strange thing is in the mornings I’m good and the first part of the day I feel normal hangs like it suppose to feels as though I can summons it at will, how it’s suppose to be but my mid afternoon I’m drawled up again and have that disconnected feeling down there !!!

I am waiting on blood work now to find out exactly where my E 2 is now … This is my first round with things going this far out of sorts thought maybe someone had some insight…


Since your hemoglobin is high why are you taking such a massive TRT dose? Normal doses start from around 70mg a week. Why are you taking 240? High SHBG?

You can easily cut your dose of both arimidex and test and experience less side effects. Have you checked your blood pressure?

Read the stickies they will help.

Blood results will help you determine how to dose arimidex.