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TRT and Digestion Issues

I’ve read some forum posts on here and elsewhere on-line where a secondary symptom of low testosterone has be digestion issues, specifically changes in bowel movements. I’ve read a few of the more scientific sites that there may be a correlation, however, it’s never listed as an official symptom.

I wanted to ask the forum if anyone who experienced this before TRT and it improved afterwards?

Keep in mind lactose intolerance increases with age. I wouldn’t consider digestion to be indicitave of low T, however, getting my T levels restored has helped with a whole lot of issues that I didn’t think would be affected by T

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Thanks for the reply. Lots of googling, seem that its likely but there are some contradictory information out there. I am reading a lot here on the forums but am interested in symptoms that people have had that have cleared up.

I wont go into my story here as I’ve recently posted my own thread…
My big ones are brain fog, fatigue, soreness, digestive issues.

Going to the Uro on Tuesday (first time visit), not optimistic.

What digestive issues?

shits - try pepto bismal, three doses in one day, one dose next day, will make your shit black

can’t shit
don’t give a shit
heart burn
bowel cramps - do occult blood test
foot sensitivities - ditto

Could you be magnesium deficient?
Leg and foot cramps are a typical symptom of that.

TRT can improve BM’s by improving muscle tone.

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I used to go 2-3 times per day. Now I go 5-6. It’s was soft and hard to pass. Think I have hemorrhoids. Started drinking fiber to help bulk it up. Easier to pass now. I think the hemorrhoids are on the mend. I’m trying not to push much. Seems to be improving. Didn’t know if it was a second or third level symptom of hormones.

I have a theory. Forgive me as I type this on my phone and my story is on another thread.

I also read caffeine helps bowel moments since it’s a stimulant, so giving up caffenine would make it worse right? I did. I also read caffeine helps your T. Plus I was training hard at the time, which can cause T to dip. I’m thinking lack of caffeine made BMs worse. I lost 30 lbs, would that increase my E2? I had a bout of anxiety (unlike me) and stress, I’m sure my cortisol was high as hell too. Welp, that’s not good in digestion either.

Like most in sure it’s was compounded my a few things.

Like to my full back story. Sorry didn’t wasn’t to get that deep, I can delete this thread if needed:

You can do an occult blood test to rule in/out a condition that leads to low level GI bleed blood loss.

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Definitely on my list of labs to get.