TRT and Deca

Not sure where to post this so I’ll start here. I’m 46 yrs old and 6’ and 195 lbs. and carry 8% bf. My question is. I’m on TRT and I have some human grade Deca 300. I’ve read and read on the net but all the scenrio’s are with guys who have normal levels naturally and who runs high amounts of test to off set the negative’s of the deca.

I was wondering if a dose of 200 mg’s of deca per week would be any help to my aching joints and aid in my recovery? I’m currently using 150 mg’s per week of Enanthate and my T levels are slightly above high normal. Esterdiol is not a problem, I’m mid range on that and all other panels are extremely good. All the info I can find is for people doing 500-800 mg’s of test stacked with 300-400 mg’s of deca.

This post is more appropriate for the Steroids forum.

I do not know anythin about Deca so I really can’t offer much.

200mgs of deca should be enough to help your joints.

Thanks for input. Still not 100% on using anything else yet besides my TRT. Have some other issues with my labs. Will start another post for that.

If your problem is tendons then I wouldn’t recommend it. There is quite a bit of animal studies that indicate that deca weakens tendons, inhibits their healing, and casues them to be stiffer after healing making further injury more likely. You can google or pubmed them easily.