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TRT and Deca Post-Surgery

This isn’t how I expected my first “cycle” to go down, but we’ll see how it goes…

So I have a consult tomorrow with a “men’s wellness” center to see about getting TRT among other things. The guy I spoke with seemed very enthusiastic about getting me on test-cyp and adex right away as well as possibly HCG. I mentioned that I just had a major shoulder surgery, and he also said he could get me on some deca to help my shoulder recovery, which I was very surprised yet excited to hear, because my shoulder has been bothering me for 15 years, and I really want this recovery to go well.

I’ve never really considered Deca before, so don’t know much about it other than what I just read on the googles, but I recall a thread floating around a while back to the effect of “deca dick for 9 months.” Sounds pretty horrific. My wife is deployed right now so I’m not concerned with erectile function, but I definitely don’t want any lasting effects. I also imagine I’ll be on a therapeutic dose, i.e. much lower than a typical mass cycle dose.

I’m not really sure what to expect tomorrow. Any advice or questions I should ask let me know. I’m posting this here because I’m not sure how much guys over in the TRT section know or care about Deca.

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Deca when combined with testosterone does not create much risk for DD.

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completely false, and surprising to hear from you

EDIT: I misquoted. It should say “Deca when combined with testosterone does not create much risk for DD”

I’d stay away from Deca if I were you. There’s some interesting peptides you could try like TB500 or BPC 157 (I might be wrong on the name of that second one).

The healing properties of Deca have never been reliably proven, and it’s thought by many that it only masks joint pain. Anavar has some positive effects of collagen, but it’s not really something you could realistically stay on for long.

Deca’s just too unpredictable on how it effects people. I’d leave it well alone.

You feel that strongly about it, huh? I’m doing some more research on the sides, especially as it relates to dosage levels.

I had considered Var in the past. That’s an option as well. I know it’s expensive as hell but I’ve got some spare cash and don’t plan to be on it forever anyway.

I don’t know the first thing about peptides, so will be looking into those as well. Thanks.

I’m a little biased because it fucked me right up, but there’s loads of dudes with a similar story to mine.

I dunno, man. It just seems like a lot of risk for what would at best be a very modest reward.

Expense is one thing to consider with var but the other is that it does a number on your lipids and you don’t want that for an extended period of time (although var is amazing so it’s hard to resist)

My bias comes from extensive work with a guy who got some “deca from a friend at the gym”. That was his cycle and never knew what PCT meant. His HPTA was wrecked and he was young and this was not good for his marriage. I got him working with a good doctor and HPTA restart attempts failed. My conclusion was that this was an epigenetic change. He is now on T+AI+hCG and I have not heard from him in years.

Thus been aware of deca, I have read about issues with deca for years and it seems to me that most of the perils of deca may be avoided by having a testosterone ester dominant cycle.

I have dealt with the wreckage of the above incident and similar outcomes from pro-hormones and 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. Some guys are simply vulnerable to damage from testosterone “like” chemicals. I have been calling these “fake” testosterones zeno-testosterones. When steroids like these get into the cells, they alter gene expression in fashion just like testosterone. But with some, things can go horribly wrong and permanent epigenetic changes can occur that can be devastating.

When we see things like this, it is evidence of how different we all are. Another example is how clomid gives some guys estrogenic side effects that are very nasty and others have no problem. And some guys are anastrozole over-responders who need 1/4th the expected dosing. They may have aromatase enzymes that are structurally different or they do not metabolize anastrozole as much as others and that increases serum anastrozole doses. For that reason, I don’t recommend front loading anastrozole as the outcome for those affected is then severe. We also see some guys on TRT who need 300mg/week T ester to get to levels that most achieve with 100mg/week; hyper metabolizers.

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So in doing my research over the last 48hrs, by no means exhaustive, I’ve come to learn that most deca users who were successful in managing side effects did so with several combinations of test, HCG, proviron, and caber. All were on test, most on a dose higher than their deca dose. The most effective combination of assistance/ancillaries seemed to be hCG and caber, with a few users also taking proviron.

I don’t have any interest in adding another AAS to the mix this early, so I’ll probably steer clear of proviron until I have a good understanding of what effects the test, AI, and hCG all have on me. If we go the deca route I will also ask for some caber to have on hand. With test-cyp, hCG, caber, and adex I should be pretty well prepared to handle low dose deca for a period.

Yogi, can you elaborate on what your stack looked like when deca messed you up? hCG? Caber?

All that said, I am definitely going to see if Anavar is an option, and if so I will probably try to go that route. My lipids are remarkably good, so I’ll probably tolerate it pretty well.

Well appt went well. Decided against the deca, and the compounding pharmacy they use doesn’t carry anavar. Assuming labs go well tomorrow the recommended protocol they gave me is 100mg test cyp 2x/week, 1.25mg per week and 1000iu of hCG per week. Standard high-normal TRT protocol. Hoping the extra T will also provide a noticeable aid to healing my shoulder.

Hi, i had scapholunate reconstruction 3 weeks ago. I am 45 , ex boxer but Still training, and i am thinking to go on trt 100mg week and 50 mg deca , 4 or 6 weeks Total, not for bulking or mass gain, but only for recovery speed. I Will do my blood works before to test all hormones ,prostate and thyroid E2 etc…
Do someone knows if it worth?
Do i need pct like clomid and hcg and an AI at those dosage ?
Any advice Will be appreciated