TRT and Clomid?

I have been self administering .50 mg clomid EOD for low t (Dr. did not want to try the clomid and I did not want to get stuck with injections in my early 30’s) for at least the past year. The past several months almost seemed as if I was not taking anything but I feared stopping and feeling worse. I have a good bit of clomid on hand but my Dr. just started me on TRT. I have only had one injection of 200 mg and I don’t go back for one month.

From what I have read this sounds like a under dosed attempt and should be more frequent injections. Not sure if he has plans to gradually increase but I do plan on having this discussion next visit. I had every symptom I can think of relating to low t with panic attacks and extreme anxiety which have improved after my first injection. Would it be beneficial or harmful to continue the clomid which I dropped down to .25 mg EOD? What is the consensus on cream, gel, injections for effectiveness? I am 35 years old and active with Jiu Jitsu so I would like to optimize my results as much as possible. Thanks!

Is there more info about your case in your other thread? This should be there so we have context. Please to not create new post that fracture your situation.