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TRT and Clomid..Self Medicating..

So question. I was put on HRT by a Dr here. He had me on 150mg of a test blend every 5 days, anti estrogen, B12 shots, and 5mg daily of Cialis as I have issues…there…as I am Type 2 Diabetic and 42. Within a week I was BAAAAAACK!! Rock hard. Within 2 weeks energy was up, always wanted sex, happier (well maybe in part because I was getting sex!!) and life was good. But at $120 a month for the 5mg daily Cialis and $300 a month for the monthly shots…it got expensive.

So I did what most do and went to a supplier. I was on 500mg a week of test and was taking a 10mg cialis powder pill they have. I could only get a semi at best. Put on some muscle size, so I know the test was legit. But what happened? Did his “special blend of test” really make that difference? Or was that cialis just that good? I have found a supplier that has real tabs, generic brand but real tabs…not the powder stuff and anything else I could want. I know…I need to go do bloodwork and I will, but anyone else run into this issue when going through a lab not a Dr?

Please read the stickies. >>>>>>>> this is the best thing that you can do right now <<<<<<<<<<<

500mg test is stupid and E2 may be out of control.

Very very few here are using UG gear for TRT. Don’t know what T you are using?

Your actions are very worrying.