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TRT and Clen Safe?

I just placed an order for liquid clen to use in conjunction with my Rapid Fat Loss diet, I’ll be doing 2 weeks on/off of both. Just want to make sure that taking Clen is safe to take while on a doctor administered TRT protocol of 150mg Cypionate per week.

Clen is shite. You’d be fat better off taking Biotests’ HOT-ROX, since that is a product that works, doesn’t damage your health and won’t get you into any sort of ‘grey area PED/cheating debate’, being OTC.

If it didn’t make me prone to hypos/boost my insulin sensitivity, I would use the stuff all the time.

What made you choose clen?


It was between Clen and ECA, the former was just much easier to get a hold of. Also, I’ve tried HOT-ROX with no success. I figured two, two week cycles of Clen won’t do much damage and can really help kickstart my fat loss.