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TRT and Blood Donations

I know this topic would have been discussed to death, but mainly for people wanting to reduce hemoglobin & hematocrit by doing donations

My question is for Testosterone levels, does doing a donation affect T levels?

I did a donation a couple weeks back, done a blood test and T levels came back about 40% higher than I was getting before, I haven’t changed my injection cycles and I’ve gone from having 17nmol/L to around 24nmol/:L (range is 9-30)

This could be something else, but thought I’d check if donations can have any impact on blood T levels are the numbers accurate

The donation I did was a standard size donation, it wasn’t double red cell or anything special

I did find an article online that said if men have too much iron stored in the body, then a blood donation which reduced iron levels could make the body also produce more Test - however on my blood tests my iron levels look normal although this is the first donation I’ve done in 10 years


Were these blood draws done on the same day and at the same time of day? If not the difference in results is likely due to differences in lab timing.

Sorry, I should have clarified - the blood donation was 3 weeks ago, the bloodtest was 2 days ago.

One other thing I forgot to mention, I did this bloodtest at 8am, normally my blood tests are done at 9:00am - can 1 hour make such a big difference in test results?

You are producing zero T.

See where T levels go from there.

Injection frequency and lab timing can have huge effects and we have no details.

Many guys here have problems with RBC and HTC and I ask that they avoid dehydration at all times, including labs and to avoid iron fortified: vitamins, flour, bread, rice, pasta and cereals. These problems are also T dose and T peak/spike dependent. Frequent subq T injections are helpful and some need to reduce T dose. Many doctors simply prescribe to much.