TRT and Blasting. A Few Questions

Just getting back to the gym after a long time off. Was power lifting about 12 years ago, kids and a crazy wife derailed me for a bit. Cutting out the crap food and beer and getting my butt back to business.

Was hoping to cheat a bit and blast but it sounds like that isn’t the best idea. I’ll grow some muscle sure, but also some gyno and a bunch of other negative things.

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Also check these out …

Look how many times the embedded links have been clicked. What does that tell you?


  1. E2
  2. Aromatization as a f(BF level)
  3. Aldosterone
  4. BP
  5. RHR
  6. HRR
  7. Water retention
  8. RAAS
  9. CNS effects
  10. Beta adrenergic effects

Get familiar with all these before you go there (blast/permacruise/etc).

You good with these concepts presented below?

Think of the info you have available to you with almost no effort except to read it and read it again. Spend some time with it.

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I would say don’t revisit “blasting” until you achieve your former PR’s in the three power lifts (squat, bench press, and deadlift).

Once you get back to your old self strength, only then should you approach “blasting” while strongly weighing the risk:benefit ratio.

41 years old is young. I watched Charles Bailey start powerlifting at age 43. In the 275’s he achieved a 2,500lb total at 50+ years old. (He was a light-heavyweight bodybuilder before that.)

I watched James Henderson lift quite a bit of weight. Ok maybe 30% BF on some good days. Hard to say as he is carrying alot of muscle under there.

I bet you could do plenty with a diet and your TRT to start with. Lower that BF % down some, then think about a “blast”. Since you’re on TRT already, I’d just play with your TT levels and see how much progress you make. Like double your TT for 6-8 weeks, see how that goes. Then go higher if needed


No point of blasting. You will just waste gear as more test wont help you in any way to do what you wanna do. You are like a bus. But you want to be a nascar. But putting an engine of a nascar inside a bus wont make the bus a nascar - you would need a different workshop and different work done on the bus, where enginge is the last step. The bus wont go much faster as its not built for it, and it will be more dangerous because of the new unpredictable engine. You first should remodel the whole structure of the bus before you think about the engine.


Thank you guys! This was the info I was looking for…why it is not a good idea.

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I’m not a bodybuilder so can’t comment on what is needed to achieve the sort of physical changes you want. However, I am someone a bit older that has used AAS to restore and improve my physical and mental capabilities from a bit of a decline.

The first point is that you seem to have reached a TRT level that suits where you are now and that is great. That probably came with a bit of trial and error, and I think you need to use that experience and mindset as you change your activity and then body.

For you I would think more analog and tuning in than large digital steps of blast, cruise etc.

The second point is that I do believe that more AAS will prob benefit you as you develop. One benefit I find is that higher levels enable much faster and better recovery so I can get in more training and improve a lot faster.

So as you change, the current TRT protocol may not give optimum support over time.

My advise would be to think in 50 changes every 4-6 weeks or so. I would try 200 and see what it does, then maybe 250. It isn’t a constant upward ladder so you may go back to 200, or even 150 and then even back up again.

Work upma bit while you get the changes you want and then go back to a trt dose.

My experience from a similar starting point is that it is about optimising for where you are. With small steps and thought you won’t go too far wrong, but you can get to where you want to ge a lot faster if you get it right.

Think of it as another training variable to control in small increments.

Most people need to gain weight with moderate dosages to gain muscle. If you have great genetics or using lots of drugs or both this may not apply. Most still need to gain body fat to gain muscle in gear, or to at least ensure they aren’t wasting a cycle.

It’s going to be mentally tough to gain 15 lbs while already overweight. I was having a tough time with body image last blast, and I was around 15 percent body fat.

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Stocky is a nice way of avoiding the truth. This is morbidly obese. I’m same age and height. It takes every fiber of my being to be a muscular 200lbs. It’s a lot of work to maintain this much weight. Most healthy guys our height are 155-180lbs.


Yea, its like when the girl is not pretty but u dont wanna say it : “shes an interesting girl” or “nice person” :smiley:


When I was growing up, if someone said “everybody likes her”, beware, she probably isn’t much to look at.


But I’ve got a nice personality! Lol…wasn’t trying to say I’m just a little chubby. I know I’m a fatty due to laziness. I’m generally a Endomorph type…I put on muscle just as easy as blubber.

My LBM is about 155lbs, so even if I had 15% body fat I’d be 180-185lbs which is pretty high for a 5’7" dude that hasn’t hit the gym in far too long, actually borderline obese.

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Doesnt work that way my friend. When you lose the 55lbs you need to lose its not all going to be fat. Your LBM is going to shrink pretty proportionally. Ever see a body builder in the off season? They gain a lot of BF because its easier to hold the LBM underneath when you are in such a surplus.


Do what works. Start with eating high protein, low carb meals. No fast food. No breakfast, only coffee. HIIT should be the first exercise you should incorporate. Then weights, and more HIIT. Once you start to lose the weight start considering a blast. But for now, you’re fat and Im amazed you weigh 240 at 5’7”. Lose the extra person first. You cheat by cheating yourself out of beer, and cookies. Control your pie hole, and start eating high protein meals. It all starts with what you put in. And it all ends with what you put out. So eat clean, work out.


Post up your blood work at this thread following instructions here:


I just posted a question yesterday and realize some these folks just want to bash. People here forget they were newbs. (For the guys actually helping, thank you).

Like you, I was at a much higher bf%. Unlike you, I have taken many beginner cycles over 25 yrs. I let myself go for 5 yrs in a super stressful job. Lost fantastic lifetime muscle mass gains and got FAT.

I went on a 16 week cycle of 600mg/week of sustenon and kept my diet ON POINT. I kept my cals at about 700 below TDEE and lost about 1.2 lbs of fat per week while increasing muscle. I’m still at 19% and about to cruise.

Ppl everywhere will tell you to get leaner, and that’s good advice. However, if you get your TDEE and diet in check, you can drop that weight quickly and a good test cycle will help. Just gaining muscle mass will help you become leaner. From 35% it will take some time but just keep your cals in check.

Look up “Recomp” and get the basics.

Go for it.

You’re not recomping 35% bodyfat. Going on cycle with this high BF% is likely going to lead to estrogen issues, moreover it is a wasted cycle as OP clearly does not know what his body needs nutritionally speaking (if not also training).

If you don’t know what you’re doing with regards to both diet and training, you have no business getting into AAS.

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Of course he can’t recomp all of it. He stated he wanted to build muscle.

I got fat as hell and recomped from 30% down to 21%. Granted, most of it was just fat loss- but I got my arms, traps, and etc back. Feels good at 48 yrs old to get some of the old muscle back.