TRT and Blasting. A Few Questions

I’ve been on TRT for about 3 years. Test C, 140mg per week divided in two doses every 3.5 days.

My current lab results are good and my testosterone level is 792 at trough, right before injection. I’ve got a bit of a stockpile and have been thinking about Blasting for a cycle.

My goal is to jumpstart and fast track a body recomp. I’ve grown older, lazy and fat…time for a change. I know I will get decent newbie and muscle memory gains but I’m just looking to speed up the process and improve recovery.


  1. What can I expect by blasting Test C for a period of time?
  2. What is the typical blast dose? 500mg/wk E3.5D? 8-10 weeks?
  3. What are the short term and long term side effects to watch out for?
  4. Is this a bad idea? General opinion?

Thanks guys! 41 years old, 5’7, stocky, 240lbs. 36% body fat

I don’t think you’ll find many positive comments (in regards to your plan) with that high of a body fat level.

You’re not gonna accomplish much with a test blast with those stats. I’d drop some weight on just trt if it was me.


Look you answered you own question:


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I thought this all looked familiar

Thanks guys. Yes, I did have a similar thread on the TRT subforum. Some great advice…but I got a “wrong forum” vibe. I’m not set on blasting at all…but I am interested in the mechanics of how and why.

It is beginning to sound like the people with more experience than me here don’t recommend blasting or PED use when the body fat percentage is high. Almost as if this is only reserved for people cutting and bulking for competition.

Why is blasting not beneficial for growing muscle on us husky folks? If the general consensus is that it is a bad idea, that’s fine…I just like to understand why it isn’t a good idea.

BLAST with High BF = IF(logical test, [value if true], [value if false])

BLAST with High BF = IF(competitive powerlifter?, “OK sure”, heart+aromatization/sides/E2 MGMT = “No Go”)

How did you measure your BF?

You may want to check this out. I’d love to see your table:


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Thank you for that. I wasn’t happy with the “Too much blubber, can’t do it” answers. This is good info.

My BF was measured using a descent electronic scale that can measure BF%. Not precise at all…but it is consistent and can shows progress week to week. I’ve got a lean body mass of 155lbs.

Didn’t you literally just raise your trt dose?

No, I’ve been on 140mg for almost 3 years. Was thinking of going to 200mg for 10-12wks. Learned that what I was thinking about was really blasting, which is usually done at higher doses.

Still interested and getting some push back…just wanting to know why its not a good idea.

Going from 140 to 200 is not going to give you much more benefit. The only thing that will happen is you will aromatize more if your prone and hold a bit more water possibly. I would get diet and training in check for 6 months and then see where your are at.

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36% body fat?? Is that even possible for someone lifting weights at all?

Are you saying that you have not been lifting weights at all? If so, just restarting lifting weights will be a great jumpstart from the benefit of muscle memory.

First prove to yourself that you have the motivation to put in the required work and effort. Bodybuilding is nothing like a fast food drive-in. It is planting seeds, watering, fertilizing, pulling weeds, all that must be given total devotion before you harvest what you desire. Have you ever seen a fat farmer?

Bodybuilding is work. Hard work. No one finds success from the shelf of any store.


Just getting back to the gym after a long time off. Was power lifting about 12 years ago, kids and a crazy wife derailed me for a bit. Cutting out the crap food and beer and getting my butt back to business.

Was hoping to cheat a bit and blast but it sounds like that isn’t the best idea. I’ll grow some muscle sure, but also some gyno and a bunch of other negative things.

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Also check these out …

Look how many times the embedded links have been clicked. What does that tell you?


  1. E2
  2. Aromatization as a f(BF level)
  3. Aldosterone
  4. BP
  5. RHR
  6. HRR
  7. Water retention
  8. RAAS
  9. CNS effects
  10. Beta adrenergic effects

Get familiar with all these before you go there (blast/permacruise/etc).

You good with these concepts presented below?

Think of the info you have available to you with almost no effort except to read it and read it again. Spend some time with it.

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I would say don’t revisit “blasting” until you achieve your former PR’s in the three power lifts (squat, bench press, and deadlift).

Once you get back to your old self strength, only then should you approach “blasting” while strongly weighing the risk:benefit ratio.

41 years old is young. I watched Charles Bailey start powerlifting at age 43. In the 275’s he achieved a 2,500lb total at 50+ years old. (He was a light-heavyweight bodybuilder before that.)

I watched James Henderson lift quite a bit of weight. Ok maybe 30% BF on some good days. Hard to say as he is carrying alot of muscle under there.

I bet you could do plenty with a diet and your TRT to start with. Lower that BF % down some, then think about a “blast”. Since you’re on TRT already, I’d just play with your TT levels and see how much progress you make. Like double your TT for 6-8 weeks, see how that goes. Then go higher if needed


No point of blasting. You will just waste gear as more test wont help you in any way to do what you wanna do. You are like a bus. But you want to be a nascar. But putting an engine of a nascar inside a bus wont make the bus a nascar - you would need a different workshop and different work done on the bus, where enginge is the last step. The bus wont go much faster as its not built for it, and it will be more dangerous because of the new unpredictable engine. You first should remodel the whole structure of the bus before you think about the engine.


Thank you guys! This was the info I was looking for…why it is not a good idea.

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I’m not a bodybuilder so can’t comment on what is needed to achieve the sort of physical changes you want. However, I am someone a bit older that has used AAS to restore and improve my physical and mental capabilities from a bit of a decline.

The first point is that you seem to have reached a TRT level that suits where you are now and that is great. That probably came with a bit of trial and error, and I think you need to use that experience and mindset as you change your activity and then body.

For you I would think more analog and tuning in than large digital steps of blast, cruise etc.

The second point is that I do believe that more AAS will prob benefit you as you develop. One benefit I find is that higher levels enable much faster and better recovery so I can get in more training and improve a lot faster.

So as you change, the current TRT protocol may not give optimum support over time.

My advise would be to think in 50 changes every 4-6 weeks or so. I would try 200 and see what it does, then maybe 250. It isn’t a constant upward ladder so you may go back to 200, or even 150 and then even back up again.

Work upma bit while you get the changes you want and then go back to a trt dose.

My experience from a similar starting point is that it is about optimising for where you are. With small steps and thought you won’t go too far wrong, but you can get to where you want to ge a lot faster if you get it right.

Think of it as another training variable to control in small increments.