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TRT and Atrial Fibrillation


I am 43 years old 6’3" and 394lbs. I was diagnosed with an episode of Atrial Fibrillation back in and have not had another episode since. From time to time I get a flutter here and there but nothing my doc is worried about. I started TRT 8 weeks ago and divulged this info to my test doc and he was ok with putting me on TRT. TT was 293. I am on weekly 200mg Test Cyp injections with 1mg of Arimidex. I was feeling great up until about a week ago and I have noticed I am having these flutters almost daily. I have reached out to my electro physiologist to make an appointment to see whats up. I have searched online and see no info about TRT and Afib. If anyone has any experience with this or any input it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


If you spook your docs, you may loose TRT.
TRT may cause some adjustment issues that are transient.

Please try a Vit-K@ supplement like this one: http://www.lifeextension.com/Vitamins-Supplements/item01834/Super-K-with-Advanced-K2-Complex

Please read these links found here: About the T Replacement Category
advice for new guys
things that damage your hormones
thyroid basics explained - check oral body temperatures as suggested
protocol for injections

self inject 100mg T twice a week
take 1mg anastrozole/Arimidex at time of injections

Your anastrozole dose needs to be adjusted to get near E2=22pg/ml

You might have weight gain driven by low thyroid function.

Are you taking a statin drug?
Low level persistent cough indicates a CoQ10 deficiency induced by statin drug which would also drive weight gain.

Post all of your lab work with lab ranges:
AM cortisol


TT 720
FT 15
E2 20

WBC 12
Hemoglobin 16
Hematocrit 48
Vit D 8

I am not sure what IGF is and they I dont see cortisol and they were supposed to test for PSA and didnt. I am not on any statin drug. Doesnt Vitamin K thicken your blood? With Afib I need thinner blood because I am worried about clotting and strokes. My doc has me on aspirin 325mg daily. Thank you for replying and Id appreciate if you let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary.


IGF-1 measures growth hormone status and would indicate if GH deficient.

Vit D 8
Vit-D25 is typically what is checked as it is the bio-active form
Need ranges for labs

I am trying to understand what may be affecting your health.
Your body temperatures are important and a problem if low.

The link stated:
Poor vitamin K status leads to inactive uncarboxylated MGP (ucMGP), which accumulates at sites of arterial calcification.11,12
Since MGP is a potent local inhibitor of arterial calcification, MGP is
important in relation to the health of the entire cardiovascular
system. Without adequate vitamin K, calcium in the blood can bind to the
arterial wall resulting in calcification.13,14 As people age, even a subclinical vitamin K deficiency can pose risks to the vascular system

The Rotterdam Heart Study, a large-scale, well-controlled clinical
trial that tracked 4,800 participants for seven years, revealed that
participants who ingested the greatest quantities of vitamin K2 in their
diet experienced a better cardiovascular condition than people who
ingested the least.21 High
intakes of vitamin K2 also corresponded to less calcium deposition in
the aorta, whereas participants who ingested less K2 were more likely to
show moderate or severe calcification. Animal studies suggest vitamin K
intake not only blocks the progress of further calcium accumulation,
but also induces 37% regression of preformed arterial calcification.22,23

My father, about to be 100yo and active and driving had a heart flutter and docs provided Rx scripts. He took the linked vitamin K supplement and the heart flutter went away.