TRT and Armidex Online?

I’m on TRT but it’s been a huge pain to try to get my doc to prescribe Armidex. I have an online source that sells Clomid, but not Armidex. Does anyone know where I can get Armidex? Or should I stick with Clomid? Please PM if you know.

I always feel good the first few days of getting back on TRT, but then I feel almost as bad as before. My blood tests show that my E2 levels get elevated, but my doc says they’re within normal so there’s nothing more he can do.

Search for anastrozole, not Arimidex.

Some have nasty side effects from Clomid. Nolvadex does not have that issue.

SERMs do not lower E2, but in selected [some] tissues, the effects of E2 are reduced.