TRT and Arm Numbness When Sleeping

I’ve been on TRT / HCG / T3 for about 5 months now. I am a side sleeper and waking up to arm numbness was very rare even though I kind of rest on my arm. In the past several weeks, I’ve been waking up to arm numbness multiple times every night. I was wondering if this could be related to what I’m taking and if anybody has had similar experiences?

No expierence because I’m a back sleeper. Try changing positions? I used to be a fetal person as well.

In my experience, this is related to a pinched nerve in the shoulder. Maybe from a bone spur.

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For the last few months both of my arms have been going to sleep a lot while trying to sleep. I sleep in my stomach and it takes me a while to find an arm position where this doesn’t happen

So it probably has nothing to do with TRT other than there may have been some deltoid muscle growth that is pinching the nerve leading down to your hand or forearm/bicep growth again impeding the movement of the ulnar nerve. You need to search up some ulnar flossing exercises. Generally you extend your arm and pull down on your ring and pinky and then do a series of head tilts. It works.

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Dont know if this is related, but its the only thing that comes into my mind regarding TRT and sleep.

Any signs of sleap apnoe? Are you snoring during sleep?
My wife told me that i started to snore during my first month of TRT. But luckely this was only transient for me.

HCT in range?

For a while after I started TRT, everything was falling asleep way more easily. I ended up having to sit on a cushion so my legs wouldn’t fall asleep. It went on for maybe 2 months and then passed.

I read other people complaining of similar things when they started. Never had it before or since so I think mine was definitely related.

I’ve had this very same problem with my ulnar nerve. Gave me medial epicondylitis or something like that (golfers elbow). These exercises are great! I just tried them. You can really feeeeel the stretching!! Thanks NHW

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josht9210 - I wish I was a back sleeper because all feeling comes back when I’m in that position. I wish it were easy to change…

I’ll take a look at ulnar flossing and see if the stretches help.

johann77 - No sleep apnea and no snoring. In the back of my mind, I keep wondering if HCT is good. I had a 3 month blood test and it only went up 1%. I haven’t been drinking grapefruit juice like I was though… Would that be a symptom of high HCT?

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Yes. When I started calisthenics I had it occasionally. Trt plus calisthenics more frequently. Trt plus heavy weights every night it happens. So for me. The test made me work harder and life more weights. Which I’m certain is the agrivating factor.

Since stopping TRT 5 months ago I have noticed numbness in my extremities, hand and arm is slightly numb the more I use it.

I had numbness pre-TRT, I would wake up with numb hands, numbness completely subsided on TRT.