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TRT and Arimidex Question

Hi everyone. I have finally gotten where I feel good and my numbers are looking great. I have been taking .5mg of Arimidex every three days and my estradiol is 24. I am feeling great. I call the Dr. which is a clinic and not very good to refill my Arimidex and they said they aren’t going to do it as my E level looks good. Taking it is how it got to that level. Is this correct to not take it anymore?

We need all your labs with ranges, protocol, and how you have been feeling.

Generally, nobody on here is going to tell you to take arimidex. ( some might)

You can start with lowering dose, or other natural methods to lower e2.

While you may or may not need anastrozole (that’s another subject), that reasoning does not make sense. Presumably, your testosterone level looks good. So, not going to refill test?

You didn’t ask, but I would go without it and see how it goes. You may not need it. I just question their rationale for providing it in the first place.

Yes, they are going to refill test, just not Arimidex. I am posting my protocol and tests now.


E3D: 70mg Test Cip and .5 Arimidex
EOD: 350mg HCG

They gave me arimidex because my Estradiol was in the 90’s. They put me on .25 twice a week and it go to the 50’s and then upped it and it to the above and it is 24. My thoughts are going to the recommended on this site as E3D 50mg Test and 500mg HCG as lowering the T may allow me to get away from the Arimidex. Arimidex does not help when T is made in the testicles. I think I have room if it does go down based on my tests,

What is your SHBG. Your Free and Total test are high. You have room to lower your dose to avoid an AI.

I think that is also the non sensitive test for e2. In which case it is overstated sometimes. Don’t shoot for numbers, shoot for feelings.

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I don’t think they have ever tested. Should I go have it tested? I feel good other than I get some pains in my legs. Maybe I lay if the AI and drop my T to 50mg every third day. My Total T was 188 when I first started.

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Looking at your blood test I think your numbers look great.
You are very lucky to be able to run such a high Free T and not have HCT issues.
I would just do what they say and don’t take your anastrozole.
If your E2 goes high again I am sure they will give you another script.
You won’t grow man boobs in 6 months from E2 being a little high.
An E2 in the mid 30s really helps your joins if you lift.

Thanks hrdlvn.