TRT and Anavar, Need PCT?

So I’m on biote hrt. Thinking about running 8 weeks at 40-60 mg/day. Would I need PCT. natural test was around 240 before treatment. My next treatment (pellets) is in NOv.


No. JFC no. You’re on TRT. Do me a favor and don’t even think about touching any other substance for a while. You know nothing and you’re going to end up hurting yourself. You’ll thank me later.


So at what point if ever would you recommend looking into this? Background: 36 - Male - 6-8 hours workout per week - 4 solid years in gym on this go round (spent a year or 2 here and there in the gym in my mid 20’s and sports/off season in high school) 1 year into TRT. T levels on blood test are coming in at around 1100 6 weeks after pellets and dropping to 550-600 in about a 6 month time span. My last annual blood work lipids were spot on and blood pressure runs about well within normal range.

Thanks for any advice. Just exploring options at this point nothing to serious in mind.

you can explore options all you want however you need to have the basic knowledge of how the hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis functions in order to have a basic grasping/understanding on how anabolic steroids (including TRT will affect your endocrine system). The fact you asked about PCT despite already being on TRT shows a lack of knowledge, and while I’m not bashing you, I suggest you do far, far, far more research on the potential benefits and risks of anabolic steroids and the mechanisms behind how they work and act upon various cells and tissues before you decide to try them

Anavar is unbelievably mild as far as side effects and can be an amazing addition to any good lifter/athlete’s arsenal. That being said, it’s not like it’s the easiest thing to find. The guys who can find the legit stuff are usually pretty deep into the world of steroids, and those guys also happen to know that pct is not a term that someone on TRT ever has to think about. You’re out of your depth here. It’s fine. You’re not required to know any of this stuff unless you want to. But if you want to mess around with this stuff then you should be educated about as much of it as possible. Does that make sense?

anavar shot up my blood pressure… If it was anavar

More likely a little dbol and a little more winny tossed together, right?

I was under that assumption too. I put on 4-5lbs in five weeks which seems like a lot, I wasn’t even eating in a surplus at the time, was eating at maintenance. My shoulders and traps seemed to become more attentuated and I gained quite a bit of strength in a short period of time (which has stayed with me after stopping the compound). I labmaxed the compound with a UV light and all… It was definately something, but the color didn’t quite match Anavar color, or maybe it did it was very hard to tell. This came from a reputable lab so it could have been Anavar and I’m just sensitive to gear. Hell my resting heart rate was 130 the other day, I wasn’t even over 250mg/wk of gear at the time (I’m going to a doctor promptly to check for Wolff Parkinson’s white syndrome and a few other potential issues, my hematocrit might be high, I’m wondering if I have a pituitary tumour that could be releasing excess acth therefore causing an increase in cortisol causing an increase in adrenaline therefore increasing HR, with my luck I’ve probably got… Everything. I got the idea of the pit Tumour because my skin (esp around my chest) has started to become very pigmented, I have impaired glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity despite no family history of either and a few other things.) Sorry for long response

Hows the joint pain?

It makes perfect sense and I appreciate yours and everyone’s input. As you can tell I’ve never ran/cycled anything before so this seemed like a natural jumping off point to start gathering info. Read quite a few forums 10-12 years ago when I had not a lot else to do but honestly it was either over my head or long since forgotten. I’ll do some more reading/ research on my own and will probably check back in if I come closer to a decision.