TRT and Allergic Reaction

a friend of mine began TRT 9 weeks ago and is very pleased with the results.

However, within 24 hrs of his 200mg depotestosterone shot he experiences redness and swelling on the soles of his feet and the palms of his hands. It persists for about 24 hours and is fairly significant.

His doctor switched him to delatestryl and after his first shot, this morning the reaction occurred again, but this time withing 30 minutes.

He is on 240mg every two weeks as he goes into his doctors office for his shots. I’ve explained to him why more frequent injections would be beneficial for the reasons discussed in this forum, but I’m wondering if more frequent, smaller volume injections might also help reduce the allergic reactions.

He really does not want to cease TRT as it has been life changing for him in the short time he’s been using it.

Any insights into the issue and possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.

T is created by modifying steroids extracted from soya beans or yams. Suggest an allergy test for soya. It is hard to nail down what the source is in T products.

He can try some antihistamines as a test. If helpful, then there is a histamine related problem.

There can be more in the bottle other than T esters. One can be sensitive to benzyl alcohol. He can inject BA water and see if that creates the problem. If so, is the BA. There can be other junk in the vials too, read the product inserts.

Agree: - smaller amounts will be less of a problem.

He needs to read the protocol for injections and advice for new guys, he also needs his own thread here.