TRT and a Cycle

I’ve been on TRT for almost a year now. I currently take 200/mg of Test Cyp once a week. Just had my blood work come back 2 days after a pin and my total test was at 1450 ng/dl. Looking great since I was originally at 179 ng/dl. My E2 is at 44.4 pg/ml which is a little high. I’m actually seeing a urologist later this week, we have discussed HCG and a possible estro blocker moving forward. I’m planning on running Test Cyp at 400/mg a week for 10 weeks, obviously pinning twice a week. My question really is what to expect once I lower my dose back to 200/mg a week? I’ll be having my levels checked, I’m assuming it’s just back to what I’ve been doing.


You’re talking about a blast and cruise. Why would lowering your dose back to your (normal) amount be any different than how you feel now?

Yes I was just asking, that is what I alluded to. Since I have yet to try it.