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TRT and a Beginner Cycle. Possible or Not?


Hi Guys

First post ever so i'm really hoping you can point me in the right direction.

Have suffered from fatigue and deprression for several years. After blodd test results came back results were 226ng/dl (normal range is 280-800). Also have extremely erlevated triglycerides 457mg/dl, max should be 150. Doc has prescribed test enanate 250mg injections every 3 weeks and lopid od for the triglycerides.

Due to having barely any energy for a long time by physique can best be described as skinny fat. Am 38 and also 6'2" and 98kg. Want to sort myself medically and start to get in shape as well.



Am also living in Thailand at the moment so can easily obtain gear over the counter. Any bkk guys want to recommend decent pharmacies with no fake stuff would be great.

Apologies if i'm trying to do too much, too fast. Feeling overwhelmed with all this and really have no idea where to start to rectify the situation.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.


My advice is to do some legwork on your own and not expect to be spoonfed everything.

Read the stickeys (Protocol for Injections, Advice for new Guys at the minimum) and come back when you have realized how terrible 250 mg E3W is and be able to discuss your situation as a two way conversation.


Thamks for your reply. I read the stickies as advised and I think the best approach. Is to print these out and take them to a doctor back home in the uk. I am lucky enough to have a family gp who has in the past been prepared to discuss various treatments for other problems. I just hope he doesn't see this as an attempt to scam roids under false pretences. Will kepp you informed on how things progress.
Many thanks again.


If he thinks you are trying to get roids, just tell him you came back from Thailand (where roids flow freely and abundantly) because you have a health issue you are concerned about...if you just wanted the juice, you would have stayed in thailand


I would try to bring your triglycerides down naturally through lifestyle changes before resorting to meds. Fix the underlying problems instead of throwing drugs at them. Those same changes might also bring your T up and potentially obviate the need for TRT. Do everything you can naturally before deciding you need meds.