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TRT an Bench Meet

Hey I’m trying to get ready for our annual Bench meet , couple months away, Currently on Axiron, 3 squirts , Test results been suckin bad 274 last blood test. Doc bumped me op to 3 squirts, see what happens next blood test. But I’m trying to get ready for this meet, 51 yrs old, wt. 205. will be down to 198 by meet. Any Ideas will be apreciated, this meet is just for fun but these boys are strong and I want to be ready. Thanks

You need to separate the two things and focus on your health. Not to say you can’t lift too, but tying them together is silly. You are on a bad protocol that is not working for you. You probably need to switch to shots.

I agree, I think we are slowly moving in that direction, been working on this TRT for 2 yrs now with little improvement, having low T makes gains difficult, not to mention other things as well, ( Libido ). I’d love to switch to shots, not sure if Doc will let me self administure, going to his office every 2 weeks would get old after awhile , but your right it’s about my health. When a person loves to lift then Low T sets in it Knocks you in the dirt. Thanks for your honesty.

Get a new doctor. This one doesnt give a shit about you if you still have T levels in the 200’s after TWO years. You aren’t getting any younger.

Seriously! Find a new doctor, or print out the stickies here and make him read every word. You should be self-injecting because to do TRT right you have to inject once or more a week, and that would be even more annoying than going to his office every other week.

Well I have read the stickies, not that I understand everything , there are some very intelligent people on this board and I highly respect their information, Balla , I respect his Input as well, read many of his posts as well, and I understand my situation , I’ve been putting Gel on from 3 different companies and at one blood test I seen a 700 Test, which was great, but then the next one was back down around 200, I’m thinking (what the Hell). I know (From the Stickies) that this can be many things, many people on this board are suffering the same delima, I think my Doc wants to work with me , but this process of elimination can take a little time, I think shots would be great, sure beats slappin a bunch of shit on every morning.

i had T levels of 700 on gels… then down to 500… then down to 300… and so on. get your thyroid checked out. poor absorption seems to be linked to hypothyroidism.

Thanks , I’ll suggest my Thyroid next Dr. Visit, I decided to divide my applications up thru the day, Morning then before going to bed, Axiron suggests that you apply it at the armpit , of course you have to put on a shirt when sleeping, but morning woods have been showing up, been awhile. But Balla got me thinking about Shots, we will see next bloodwork. I’ve also seen mention about HCG I’m abit curious about that awell.