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TRT, AIs, and Gyno

Ok guys. I’ve got a problem and I can’t get to the bottom of it. I’m very knowledgeable on what I’m on and how my body handles it. I’m on 200mg a week test cyp TRT from an anti aging clinic. I’ve been on it for 7 months. I was on 1mg anastrizole EOD since day one. After a couple months I noticed very slight tenderness in my right nipple. I upped my dose to 5 a week 1mg anastrizole. That helped for almost all the tenderness. About 3 weeks ago I noticed it coming back and quite a bit worse than the first time. The clinic swapped me to Aromasin 25mg ED. That helped a little bit but didn’t take it away. About a week ago I woke up in the middle of the night after rolling over on that pec and it hurting bad enough to wake me up. Went back to the clinic and got Nolvadex ED at 20mg. Been on that 3-4 days now. Now I have a super tiny little lump behind the nipple. What is going on here? Got labs pulled today but won’t get them back until Monday/Tuesday. Is this some kind of crazy estrogen rebound? Will the Nolvadex eventually kill the receptor? How many days does the nolva usually take before it kicks in? I did a 500mg test e cycle 7-8 years ago and had to take nolva on cycle to stop the nipple from hurting. I want to say it took a week or so. Any help here guys?

What did your labs look like before you started taking a whopping 5mgs of anastrazole a day? Did your doc confirm this was estrogen related before bumping you up?

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It was 1mg anastrizole eod. I was high on e2 slightly before even starting trt.

Can you post labs prior to and while on TRT? That’s a lot of AI sir.

AI doses at 1mg EOD are seeing men with osteoporosis after only a few years, your TRT is being poorly managed and you should be increasing injection frequencies to lower estrogen. If I was injecting once weekly, I would need an AI as well, not so injecting T EOD.

Provide lab work so we can better assist you.

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I’m looking for the original labs of my e2 but can’t seem to find them. I’ve got all other records online. Original testosterone total was 434, free 38.2, bio available 83.5, SHBG 52. I’ll have recent blood work back by beginning of next week.

Nolvadex won’t kill the e2 but just block the receptors around the nipple area correct? So Nolvadex is better to take if I’m having this issue? Take a lower dose AI with nolva and it should stop the issues?

It is my understanding that tamoxifen interferes with the estrogenic effects in breast tissue.

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Google gyno and look at all the factors that play a role. Estrogen isn’t the only reason.


You probably should lower the testosterone dosage, 200 mg is the top limit

There is no top limit. Your dose is based on resolution of symptoms.

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