TRT+AI+hCG - Brand New to TRT

I’m now on TRT through my Endo. 100mg per week - currently on 2nd dose. Just turned 36 - Total T has been 234, 438, and 203 last result. Only abnormals have been T, Prolactin and LH.

Riddle me this:

If concerned about T to E conversion and aromatization; is this solely based on E2/estradiol blood tests or is it symptoms also? I’ve read the concerns here although it seems to be mostly related the blood test results.

If so, have most of you experienced increases in E2 blood tests when starting TRT? Or, if E2 remained in range would you not opt for Arimidex anyway?

Considering HPTA shut down and LH production: My Prolactin was slightly elevated 23 (range 3-18) and LH was low. We are going to test Prolactin for a third time and see but my guess is that he would like me to consider Dostinex. To that end, if this were you - would you opt for the Dostinex which would increase LH and hopefully aid in the boys not shrinking? Do I understand this correctly?


Well my fine feathered friend, if your E2 levels get high enough, You’ll Know It. No morning wood, little or no interest in sex, crying at TV commercials, constantly depressed, itchy and/or puffy nipples, the eventual shrinking of your nads, and way more fun too.
When my E2 was 105, I was a mess. I got on adex, and life started getting better in a couple of weeks (slightly) but it took me a couple of months to back to “normal” again.
I would not opt for Dosinex, I would get the doctor to give you HCG to restore your HPTA and LH issues.With increased LH the testes start producing T again and swell back up to their old selves. Just my 2 cents.

In addition try to get your body fat down as low as you can.

less fat = less sites for testosterone to estrogen conversion.