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TRT Again


Hi guys,

I recently have been having the standard hypogonadism symptoms that I've read many times here on the site. I went to the doctor to get a test, and unfortunately my regular doc was unavailable, so I only was able to see the physician's assistant.

She declined to order up most of the tests I asked for, but she did run a thyroid panel, tested for anemia, and tested for free testosterone. The thing of most interest to me was my Free-T, which came back at 10.8, with 10-30 being "in range".

E2 was not tested for, and I would not be surprised if my 10.8 FT is being dominated by aromatization.

I have a follow up with my regular doctor on Friday, and she specializes in athletic medicine at the University of Michigan, so I think that I can make my case with her. Given my Free-T levels, do you guys think I should ask for a larger test panel, or should I push for a more therapeutic diagnosis by asking to start TRT and retest the full list in a few months.

The bottom line is that I am having the symptoms, and even though my labs were "in range" they are not acceptable to someone who is 29 and in good shape. If that 10-30 represents a bell curve, then I'm in the lower 5%, and I don't want to be in the worst 5% of anything

Does insurance even pay for TRT? Would I have to have lab results that were sub-clinical, and not just low, in order for insurance to pick up the tab?

Thanks in advance


My free T was at the bottom of the range as well, but my Dr. decided that was too low.


Walk out the door immediately.

Find a good anti-aging clinic. Expect to pay some up-front cash; do it. Insurance will recompense most of it.

Only an anti-aging HRT specialist can help you here. Would you take your grandma to a pediatrician?


You're are very fortunate to be within driving distance of Dr. Crisler in Lansing. He doesn't accept insurance (I've learned that most anti-aging docs do not), but besides the initial consultation he is affordable. Complete TRT; including test, HCG and l-dex, should only cost around $65/mo. out of pocket.


I second headhunter. Don't even waste your time with a regular Dr or endo.


At those prices you are pretty much equal to what your insurance is going to leave you with if you go to someone who is covered (just thinking of what my co-payments, etc., are coming to).

Anyone like that in the Dallas, Texas area?


Those are the cheapest numbers that I have priced out - I guess it depends on dosage as well as how the T is taken. Watson's cyp at Sam's Club is the cheapest that I have found, but topical creams seem to be much more expensive.


I was very fortunate to find a local Dr. that my insurance would cover. He is technically a family practioner, but has interest in anti aging/hormone replacement.

If anybody is in the NW Arkansas area, I can give you his name and number. I would just put it here, but don't have his card in front of me.


borrek, the thing to remember is that the doctor works for you, you don't work for him. The fact that you are concerned about your T and E levels is, by itself, a valid reason for him to order the tests. Any doctor that tries to tell you differently is blowing smoke up your ass.


Might run around 100 bucks a month when EVERYTHING is included. Still cheap, IMO. Second advice to see an anti-aging Doc, then all these silly, unfortunate problems you read about guys having here--not getting the stuff they need--, with a qualified AI Doc, these are a non-issue, the right one will understand exactly what you are after.