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TRT after Heart Surgery


I’m posting this question for my father. He was on andro gel only TRT for several years and has always been very active/lean. He was big into body building in the 70s and has continued lifting ever since. He maintained an impressive build until… About 2 years ago he had open heart surgery for a quadruple bypass. The doctor said his heart was in excellent shape and didn’t suffer any damage, however he told my dad to discontinue TRT immediately. Fast forward to present day and his endocrinologist want to put him on clomid because he feels it a safer option for a heart patient. I suggested he educate himself and thought some of you may have an opinion or some experience with this topic.


Technically Clomid is a drug foreign to the body and testosterone is bioidentical and the body evolved to process it, it didn’t evolved to process Clomid. If your father’s response to Clomid turns out to be typical, he will feel horrible. Clomid is typically for younger men attempting to restart their HPTA, not for older men. You’re headed down the wrong road here.

The reason why his doctor took him off TRT is do to fear, if he fears TRT it means he’s not in a position of knowledge to make that informed decision and by having lower testosterone levels is far worse for your dad’s heart. TRT is overwhelmingly positive and has been proven safe.

You must understand that to keep his heart healthy, he must maintain high normal youthful testosterone levels. TRT is safe and there has never been a single case where some guy had a heart attack because of TRT. It angers me to see doctors pulling their patients off of TRT when their knowledge is so lacking, leave those decisions to those who are more informed.

I think it is stupid how doctors believe it’s alright for people to take drugs and not a natural hormone that the body evolved to handle without side effects when done right. You won’t find many here on androgel, it’s garbage. Injections are far more effective.


Agree with what Systemlord said about the doctor being afraid. He has “heard” that TRT can cause strokes and increase H/H and blah blah blah. But what they don’t tell you is that those are symptoms of un-managed TRT.

Do no harm. Yea right…

Try recovering from surgery with low testosterone. Try recovering from anything with low testosterone. Talk about negligence.


I also agree with Systemlord. I would start the dose very small, maybe enough to get him to 400-500ng/dL and really REALLY watch his HCT and blood pressure.


Excellent points! It’s amazing how the negative connotation associated with testosterone carries over into the medical field. My personal experience with TRT has been 100% positive. I know he felt much better before being taken off.