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TRT After 14 Months with Pictures - Far from Perfect

I think I’ve had something wrong with my endocrine system since I was a kid. At 5 years old I had hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating 24/7. This lead to an incomplete puberty and basically feeling “fight or flight” the past 30 years. I basically felt like I’ve been full of adrenaline and cortisol my entire life and my sympathetic nervous system is always active. I’m 34 now, and never been laid because I feel tired and anxious all the time - because my sympathetic nervous system is always in over-drive. I thought I had Cushings because my grandfather went from skinny and hairless to a giant balloon with stretch marks, then died of heart failure young.

I went from tall and skinny track athlete to dropping out of highschool I was so tired, to a balloon, with stretch marks, GI bleeding, metabolic syndrome, etc, and saw I was going to die the same way my grandfather did.

Since being on TRT it’s removed visceral fat, fixed lipids, fixed metabolic syndrome, solved GI bleeding and food issues, given me a full “beard” aka pubes on my face, and more body hair.

I messed around with my dose and my TT and FT fell off a cliff and I started feeling pretty bad. I’m going back on 140mg/week and seeing if I stabilize, because my johnson doesn’t work and I feel completely anhedonic and porn does nothing. At least porn or jerkin it worked before TRT, even though I felt ill all the time. Now I feel good, started dating again, and am getting chances to get laid, but now I feel like my arousal system is broken.

I do look a bit more healthier than I did in that 11 month picture now that I re-joined the gym with COVID closures being released. But damn…hormones can ruin your life or save your life. I like my body on TRT now but my mind feels sluggish af and my memory is TRASH. I’m forgetting people’s names I’ve known forever.

Checked DHEA pregnenolone? Other drugs? Sleep problems? Booze?

Sober 2 years. Sleep has never been good my entire life. Sleep 15 hours, tired. Sleep 8 hours, tired. Sometimes sleep 5 hours, feel fine. If I go back to sleep after I jolt out of bed I feel hungover for hours. DHEA-S is above range, endo said it’s fine. Never checked pregnenolone. No other drugs besides cialis which just makes me flushed as shit and get the runs.

My hunger has disappeared past month. Estradiol level of 36 half-way between next shot. So, 36 E2 after 3.5 days of 140mg/week. Waiting on testosterone associated with it, it’s days behind.

Testosterone finally came in.

3.5 days after 140mg injection of test cypionate gave a TT of 1271and an estradiol of 36, and free T of 311pg/ml which was double the FT range.

Lowering my dose down to like 100mg.

Are you taking 140mg/week in 1 injection? If so you want to test your trough on day 8 (1) before your next injection to see your lowest level, not 1/2 way there mid week. You’d test after 3.5 days if you were doing 2 injections of 70mg per week.

Also 155pg/mL sounds like Quest’s range, which is 15.5ng/dL. Only quest uses pg/mL for some reason no one understands.
Every other lab goes up to around 25ng/dL, a much higher top of the range, so 31.1ng/dL isn’t much above the range.

Remember also that lab ranges are typically 2 standard deviations on each side of the mean, so if we were talking about IQ, the range would be 70 to130. Would that mean it’s a problem to have an IQ of 140? IQ and Testosterone and not the same thing, but it’s important to understand the statistical definition of “normal” when talking about lab ranges.

yes - 140mg/week. I tested at 3.5 days because I felt like shit that day, and I also have data for the trough, which is about 620ng/dL as seen in original link in first post. And yes, perhaps it is Quest most likely, it’s a 3rd party order lab, so no idea who they use. With an SHBG that has always been 14-19, I don’t believe I do well with high Free-T, as I felt the best physically and mentally at 125mg/week.


Have you tried more frequent injections? 1200ng/dL to 600ng/dL in 3.5 days is a huge drop, probably means you’re around 15-1600ng/dL at your peak 24 hours post injection.

It’s hard to imagine you could feel good/stable with a drop of 1000ng/dL over the course of your week. Lower SHBG guys typically see much more variance in T levels.

My SHBG was 80 when I started (progressively dropped to 40 over 5-6 months) and I still feel a bit of highs and lows on 2x/week injections, which is why I’m about to try an 8 week run of daily injections at the same dose I’m currently on.

I would try 2x/week or even daily injections to get the most stable experience possible if I were you. Give it at least 6-8 weeks and see what happens.

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What’s so odd is that, androgens should suppress SHBG, yet mine has always been low, 14 at start, 19 most recent…I should check DHT and other androgens to see if I have some genetic defect over-producing an androgen that lowers SHBG.

I guess EoD is the way forward I guess

Insulin also suppresses it. How’s your diet?

Much better now. Insulin went from 17.1 pre-TRT to 7.1 on TRT. Lost 40+ pounds. But I have something congenital going on because I was a health freak that ran track and never smoked, drank, or anything. And then I blew up like a balloon for no reason and gave up on life because my D don’t work.