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TRT Affects on STDs?


Cant find much research out there on the affects of TRT on stds. I thought maybe some of you guys with med backgrounds could help. My Dr's had no idea so I could really use some help..From what little Ive read testosterone can help people with hiv but thats about it.
Ive been on trt now for 3 years I recently found Ive been diagnosed with hsv2. Since then I stopped my trt protocol because of fear of outbreaks. Also I tested positive for hep b.. Its very possible I can clear the hep b on my own. Doc said most healthy adults clear the hep b virus in 6months to 1 year. He recommended a high protein and carb diet with no alcohol for 6 months. Basically clean living.

My current protocol is
200mg of test cyp weekly, 0.25 anastrozaole (liquid) 2x week This may not be whats recommended for most but it is what works for me
Also I run 3-4 ius hgh 5/2
IĆ¢??ve read that hgh can cause outbreaks but other sites say it helps suppress them. Whats the truth?
Would pumping T help or hurt things?
Is blasting now out of the question? I generally blast 1x per year