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TRT Affect on Testicles

Could use some help from those on TRT IM

I have been on TRT IM for the past 7 months. Taking 200mg of Test Cyp a week, 50 units on an insulin syringe of hcg twice a week and one tab of Anastrolzol once a week. ( i forget the dose but its low for EB) my Test level is around 1300 and my estrogen level is around 16.

I have noticed for quite some time now my testicles i believe have gotten smaller and definentely refuse to hang at all and often go up inside especially when i get a hard on.

I have spoken to the doc about it and he says that shouldnt be occuring from what I am taking and advised i am already taking plenty of hcg which should be keeping the testicles in line. Even the volume of my load has decreased and it doesnt really shoot anymore.

I go to a clinic because my normal doc refuses to treat me.

Please help! What can I do? Where can I go for help? Thank you. Sorry I am a first time poster

Is the hCG delivered to you dry or shipped wet?
Kept chilled at all times.

You can check for hCG in your urine with a home pregnancy test. Do with first pee in the morning. We have see some hCG that simply was not good. Your hCG is probably useless.

50iu on insulin syringe would be 500iu hCG if the hcg is 1000iu/ml.

Inject 50mg T twice a week and take 1/2 of the weekly dose of anastrozole at that time.

Why do you keep creating new threads? The context of everything else that you have posted is scattered and not available for more meaningful responses.

Sexual performance depends on T and E2 levels. Some guys can’t get balanced on 200mg/week T.

I started a new thread because I was told to by you and someone else.

My hcg is shipped dry, I mix it myself, and I keep it refridgerated the second its mixed. I also know not to shake it.

I dont think its bad because i have a friend on the same program from the same doctor and he is just fine using the same product.

I am taking 500iu twice a week. Once on Saturday with the test and Anastrolzol and once on Tuesday.

So what is the main point youre saying? I am taking too much test? Not enough hcg?

Sorry, was remembering your post in someone else’s thread.

Try the prego kit. If it sees hCG, then maybe your body is a bit odd about it. One lobe of hCG is identical to the active lobe of LH. That is why it is meant to work.

Has nothing to do with your TRT dose. Almost any TRT dose will shutdown your LH and your T dose does not affect how hCG works.

So i had my shot of hcg on wed and took a preg test today friday and it came up negative.

What should i do?

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That is the exact intent. Detecting hCG as a positive indication of pregnancy.

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Getting older, but active and healthy.

We are now working out routinely and making good progress. Personal trainer for 1.5 years twice a week.

Good to hear from you too!