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TRT Advice 25 yr Old


Hey guys,

My story is rather long and complex but i'll give you the short version.

Since I can remember I've had symptoms of depression, low libido, low muscle growth amongst other things. I went through puberty later than most of my friends and never had the raging libidos that everyone else had. My testicles have always been on the small side and i've only ever had one girlfriend in high school and it lasted about 3 months. Just don't have the sex drive or interest regularly enough.

Existing medical conditions:
Adrenal fatigue, mild hypothyroidism

However, I have treated these two issues before with some positive results but none that assisted with libido, depression, low muscle growth and fatigue.

Where I carry fat:
My body shape has always been skinny however i accumulate fat in my stomach and this past year i have developed a pot gut. I guess you could say im classic 'Skinny fat' regardless of my weight training and protein shakes. Also my shoulders have never been broad. Feel like I never went properly through puberty.. never had acne.

Morning wood:
Can't remember ever having it.

My last testosterone labs were as follows: (remember these are Australian labs so they're different)

These were taken about 6 months ago

Total Testosterone - 21.7 (8.3-30.2)
Free Testosterone - 482 (225-800)
SHBG - 32 (13-71)

Some more labs of interest include:

Prolactin: 265 (50-220)
Estradiol: Lost it but it was middle of range
LH: 9 (1-10)
FSH 9 (1-10)

TSH: 5 (.5-5)
FT3: 5.8 (3.5-6.5)
FT4: 15.5 (10-20)

I'm about to start Hydrocortisone and Natural Dessicated Thyroid.

I feel like my voice should be a lot deeper and that my beard should be way thicker.

I won't be able to get T replacement from any docs in Aus with these labs but I really need to boost my levels as they are sub optimal for a 25 year old.

Does anyone have any advice on how I should treat my T, either with shots/cream and/or with HCG injections as well? How can i get my prolactin down ?

Any advice would be great. Remember i'm from Australia.