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TRT Advantage Over Covid-19?

Im sure some of you have thought about this, so Im just starting a convo to see what you guys think. This is not a worrying type of thread. It has been obvious that Covid-19 takes a toll on the elderly and those with CV issues. Since TRT helps protect our CV system, and boosts our health.
Do you guys feel that optimized T and E levels help in keeping us safe? Especially those who are past the age of 60. What are your thoughts?

Exogynous test lowers your immune system. Don’t get confident.

Depends on how fucking jacked you are. The more jacked the better.


This is what I have heard too. I am guessing we are better off than an individual with low T, but probably not as good as someone with good natural levels?

High T can help the immune system: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27465811

Oh, no, wait. High T can suppress the immune system and reduce vaccine response: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24367114

Really though, TRT makes your body and mind healthy, but thinking it gives any type of advantage whatsoever against the virus is, at best, extremely wishful thinking based on little support, and at worst, an extremely dangerous gamble that puts you and others at risk.

Definitely not feeling overconfident about being exposed. But it is surprising to see that Exogenous
T hammers the immune system. I did not know that. Wow. Thanks for the replies

Love that contradiction in the medical literature!

I should point out to the OP asking the question is that mortality of COVID-19 is worse in men than women but the exact mechanism of why has yet to be figured out.

TRT and any AAS for that matter suppresses the immune system. You are more at risk for catching viruses, including Covid-19.

I have no idea, but in my almost 7 years being on trt, I’ve only been sick one time, of any consequence.

Pre-TRT, if I had a bad night’s sleep, where I got only 5 hours of sleep, I was almost guaranteed to get sick. Since being on TRT, 5 hours of sleep is pretty commonplace.

I don’t know the correlation that being on TRT has, with my not getting sick, but something has changed.

Yes, I have read this too. Perhaps a higher level Estrogen is key! Lol, just kidding. Its very odd indeed.

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I’m over 60 and have been on trt for years. If I remember correctly I’ve had one upper respiratory infection about 7 years ago. That was the last time I was sick and I work around many sick people daily but I’m not going to get over confident. I insist that all my employees take precautions like wearing gloves and mask as I do and we clean all surfaces touched surfaces every 30 min. There is just too much that is unknown about this.

Was wondering if it’s true that our immune system is suppressed on TRT?

Would that mean we are more susceptible to the virus ,if so any idea on how it could affect people on TRT if everything else health wise is fine.

There are about 6,000,000 other factors to worry about before getting to the issue of how much your immune system is lowered from trt. All things being equal, sure it’s lowered. But who goes on trt and gets less healthy overall? Most people that are on trt have improved their lifestyle, some dramatically, and that is likely more than enough to overcome whatever associated lowering is going on from trt.

It’s a double-edged sword, low-T equals inflammation. When I restarted TRT several weeks ago it did produce a nasty persistent wet cough and chest congestion which disappeared rather quickly, within a week.


Here’s something to think about… HIV patients that get on TRT dont get weaker immune systems. TRT doesnt compromise their already weakened bodies. It actually saves them. So stay healthy and you have a better chance of survival with a system that Is accustomed to being attacked from time to time. I won’t get into the subject of vaccination but if you get your annual flu shot, you wont have an immunity to Covid-19
but your body will be no stranger to respiratory viruses circulating through your system. An overreactive immune system seems to be the problem with these Coronaviruses.


"Davis speculates that high testosterone may provide another, less obvious evolutionary advantage. “Ask yourself which sex is more likely to clash violently with, and do grievous bodily harm to, others of their own sex,” he said. Men are prone to suffer wounds from their competitive encounters, not to mention from their traditional roles in hunting, defending kin and hauling things around, increasing their infection risk.

While it’s good to have a decent immune response to pathogens, an overreaction to them — as occurs in highly virulent influenza strains, SARS, dengue and many other diseases — can be more damaging than the pathogen itself. Women, with their robust immune responses, are twice as susceptible as men to death from the systemic inflammatory overdrive called sepsis. So perhaps, Davis suggests, having a somewhat weakened (but not too weak) immune system can prove more lifesaving than life-threatening for a dominant male in the prime of life."

I’ve been sick a lot less since being on trt. In 7 years on trt, I’ve only been sick once, plus one time recently with bad pollen allergies. Before trt, one night of 5 hours sleep guaranteed I’d be sick afterwards. Since being on trt, I can have a couple of nights a week with 5 hours of sleep, and be dragging by the end of the next day, but not sick.

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Prior to TRT the last time i was sick was 2010. I could not catch anything… my fiancé had multiple stomach bugs, the flu, colds, etc… I started TRT last June and in August has a nasty sinus infection for a week and another nasty cold in March of this year but I also used to suffer from winter eczema which is somewhat of am immune system over reaction. On TRT I went al winter without having one patch.

From everything i am reading on the corona virus, as other have said it seems you run into problems with an overreaction of the immune system. The lungs become inflamed and essentially kill themselves off in an effort to rid the virus. The dead cells clog the lungs up and that’s where the issue results. If anything the slight reduction ( probably very small) might actually help.

It is not further compromising them, but the TRT is for weight gain and to treat muscle wasting. It’s sympyom relief and nothing more. Further compromises to the immune system would be considered a side effect and a casr of the benefit outweighing the cost.