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It’s on a t nation TRT article written by the contributors here. Just wanted to clarify

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it definitely muddies the waters and I assume as the tide shifts they will revisit.

Right. Like I said I’ve been on this site as long as some of these kids have been alive. Poliquin remains my hero. Always have had solid advice from here.
Just thought I’d add my 2 cents.

From one Tnation vet to another I thank you for your contribution. You have 22 months on me. :wink:


So here are labs. I gather if I try to increase my free t I will run in HCT issues.

@pmatt not many on this forum have good experience with thyroid. Can you help me out here please
I took levothyroxine and experienced shoulder pain. Went away after I stopped for 2 days. Please see my post below. Am contemplating if I should try np thyroid (dissecated) or another t4 brand. Thx

TRT 1 Year Update

Ha! The good old days man. Pro hormones for everyone

To be crystal clear are we talking about 25 ng/dl or 25 pg/ml?

Here’s my solution to HCT issues…
Saw palmetto and your local Red Cross donation bus.
Donate, hydrate and take saw palmetto

Unless it’s crazy high then get help


Gotta be honest, never heard of joint pain with Levo.
But armor thyroid is an option
Personally I’d try Levi again

Is that the same as pg/ml ? See lab corp results above

Wife got it to. Pain in shoulder. I stopped it went away why would I try the same med? Or do you mean a different brand.

I heard of pain with hypothyroidism. But I think it from actual medication

I lost you here. You dont have over 40 crowd on TRT aim for 25 free t. Maybe if you’re 20. Am 42 yeah I want to have free t of 25 because my adrenals and thyroid and body for that matter will handle it just fine. And yes I can’t wait to start donating blood every month.

Are you kidding us?

I don’t see it as a known side at all.
When weird, unknown symptoms that are a nuisance or inconvenient but not serious occur, I’m prone to try it again. Maybe manufacturing issue
That’s just me. If your throat closed or kidneys shut down, then you’re right. I would not retry


You think in general dissecated thyroid better? Or you prefer t4 only?

My labs show a mid range free t3. Low normal end free t4. Low normal total t3 and total t4. And TSH bet 2.5 and 3.5.

No, they are not the same thing which is why I keep asking the question. I may be missing something in the conversion but 17.6 pg/ml would equal 1.76 ng/dl. I was terrible at chemistry.

ng/dl = nanogram / deciliter
pg/ml = picogram / milliliter

Those are untreated lab results of after treatment?

Before treatment. I don’t really have anything after I started treatment 12/13.

Actually I did just free t4 and TSH on 12/20 but that was only 7 days after starting. TSH 1.67 and free t4 1.16. Already an improvement.

Thanks dude am at a loss. @pmatt