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TRT 9 Month Update

This is the result from the first bloodwork I had after starting. I think this was end of october. First number is my pre-trt, range, ----> updated bloodwork number

Testosterone, Serum- 471 ng/dl ,264-916, --> 1251
Free- 8 pg/ml ,8.7-25, --> 27.4
DHT -54 ng/dl --> 89
T4 Free -1.42 ngl, .8-1.77, -->1.54
DHEA -391 ug/dl, 138-475 ,–>420
TSH- .775 uIU/ml, .45-4.5 ,–>.812
LH- 6.1 mIU 1.7-8.6 --> not tested
Prolactin -11.6 ng/mL ,4.0-15.2, —>16
IGF 1 - 144 ng/nL ,88-246, —> 199
Revers T3 -21.5 ng/dL ,9.2-24.1, —> 21.8
Estradiol -23.6 pg/mL, 8.0-35.9, —>43.9
SHBG -48.7 nmol/L, 16 - 55.9, —>31.7

Initial protocol. 150 mg/week cyp. SubQ Mon/Wed/Frid. 300 iu/week of HCG 3/week. Iodine/selenium supp. 12.5 mg Ibutamoren. 34 years old, athletic and consistantly good diet/sleep habits. methyl B vitatmins (MTHFR mutation) in the morning and also zma at night.

About six months in I started having trouble with libido and erections. It was recommended to me on here to stop HCG and bump up testosterone. I bumped it from 150 to 170 a week and stopped hcg. This was in January. I have more libido and erections are better. Also I was sick off and on for about three months, so not a lot of consistant training. But I’ve gained a solid 15 pounds or so. Super happy with the physical part.

But I am tired. Nap every day, tired. The confidence and clear headedness that was my FAVORITE part the first three months or so is gone. I’d like that back, thank you very much.

Any ideas?

Sick with what? Are you sure you’re just not still recovering? What kind of iodine supplement?

Flu, then sinus infection/bronchitis.

All that mess cleared up in January.


Youp probably should have just stopped the HCG, but you increase the T dosage and the comments of being tired and napping sounds like too much estrogen. I also become very sleepy when estrogen are too high, I fall asleep too easily.

The excess estrogen can cloud your head as well, like you are in a thick mental fog, a kind of a high feeling.

How is your sleep? Do you get any? Up 5 times a night to pee - or because of kids or something else? Ever had a sleep study done?

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I can vouch for this. When my estrogen gets high, I definitely get that foggy feeling. Its like I wake up in a cloud. Honestly, I kind of like it, lol. I feel very calm and kind of “high” as he puts it.