TRT 5 Months, Helping Loose Fat

Been on 125mg test cyp weekly with anastrozole 1mg weekly for 5 months . In the beginning months I was bulking up muscle . Now I want to shed the fat . So far I switched from 80/20% weights / cardio to 20/80 . Been doing it for a month or so . Feels like it is working - this is bulk picture . 275lb 6ft . 45 yo

Lookin good Bro.
Switching to high cardio probably won’t help you lose fat though.
Fat loss is more about diet, and insulin sensitivity than cardio.

Great article on the subject on T-Nation not so long ago…

Keep up the good work !

I keep my glycemic index calories in check . I tend to eat alot of fat , protien and a moderate amount of mainly complex carbs . I will adjust my diet to bring down over all caloric intake .

Btw I have tried 100,125,150mg Test per week and settled on 125mg - it yields me around 600 total T and I feel good at that dose

I’ve read quite a few of your posts and saw that you lowered your dose.
It takes a little while to get dialed in.
Most people believe that more is better. With Test, more will build more muscle,
but the side effects become increasingly hard to manage as the dose increases.

I use a low dose myself and feel amazing on it (87mg/wk). I still make gains in the gym
but they come slower. The other aspects of TRT (mood, outlook, libido, erection strength)
are optimized though, and when you feel great you tend to get to the gym more, and watch your
diet more carefully.

Took me a good two years to realize that less is more with TRT, at least for most guys.

Yes , I found that more T does not neccesarily mean better for all aspects of life . Like you said - you need to have all aspects the body in good shape - mood , muscle , fat , libido , erections ,energy levels .