Trt (49) + Sarm/AAS for endurance/recovery

49 year old and have been on trt 20 months 100mg a week no issues, have now gotten into Boxing again and the training that comes with it, running, explosive weights, sparring etc and its hard going obviously especially at my age and joints are taking a hit as is recovery. A few years ago i dabbled with Sarms such as Ostarine, Mk677 (not a sarm) Lgd 4033, Rad 140 and years ago the old prohormones like Halodrol. On Ostarine/Lgd/Rad 140 individually i noticed an increase in recovery.

Anyone ran any of the following on top of trt - Sarms/Oral AAS to help with training/endurance/recovery?? Am keen to keep any addition Low Dosed For obvious reasons such as SHBG, BP, Liver, lipids all not getting hit too hard whilst getting some recovery benefits for tendons/joints/muscle and increased endurance And im not looking to add mass per se.

My options:

Lgd 4033
S4 ( Andarine)
Halodrol (Turinabol Prohormone)

The only reason I chose not to dabble into sarms while on TRT is that supposedly, the SARM has a higher affinity to the androgen receptor than testosterone. Which basically means its kicking test off the receptor to float around and be more easily converted into DHT and Estrogen. I also felt a noticeable increase in BP when taking sarms on TRT, wasnt good for me. Just use more test, if possible. Highly tolerable in most situations.


For the guys looking for good results and little down sides, I think this is the best route in general.

Turinabol is great for athletic performance. Can only do it a limited time due to liver toxicity, but it is a good one from the list IMO. MK677 didn’t do anything for me, and I haven’t tried anything else on the list, but I thing compared to more Test and Tbol, the other stuff is just not going to be comparable.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes you make a good point and i was concerned about sarms crushing shbg and raising e2/BP and sticking to test has crossed my mind.

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Thanks. Everytime i go through the list i keep coming back to Tbol as it seems the one alot of people turn to for sports enhancement, low sides and plenty of research unlike sarms.

I wonder if even just 20mg a day would see some benefits and keep sides low. I’ll do some more research around peoples experiences.

Really appreciate the feedback.

That’s a really low TRT dose. We have most guys on 150-200mg/week and that is what I believe to be generally the standard. It depends on your natural levels but I would definitely look to optimize that before getting other compounds involved. At my clinic if someone feels their dosage is under optimal will give a guy a test 2 days after injection to see his max level on current dosage and adjust accordingly if needed. You should ask for that from whoever your provider is. Upping your TRT dosage will support recovery

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Thank you.

Im currently at around 28 nmol/L (800’s ng/dl) at trough with a 50mg every 3.5 days of sustanon. Definitely feel better than i was pre trt but my training is much more demanding now so i thought maybe adding a low dose of Tbol or other might help even if it was just pre workout?

I’m another one for maybe bumping up the test first rather than adding something else.
Main reason is I’m in a similar situation to you, started trt (self prescribed) around 4 years ago and all great. Upped and downed dose and added bits as I felt.
Then 2 years ago aged 57 I joined a martial arts gym and started bjj and mma type training (sort of training “lite” compared to many there who are all 25 to 35…)
To increase my recovery I am on 150mg test (200mg is much better) and 100mg deca (150mg is much better) and today started 25mg of oxandrolone. Ive also tried low dose tren (50 to 100mg a week but with no deca and no apparent difference so went back to whats probably a bit safer).
My point being after your short oral cycle youre still likely to ache a week later, what then? Higher but still realistic test should help a lot and is (theoretically) able to continue indefinitely (and easy to do basic bloods) while the other add on’s are all likely harsher and probably safe only for short periods and then possibly back to square one.

Please note I’m not saying you shouldn’t do this, I’d take everything if its the only way I could continue as its what I want to do but the more sustainable option long term I’d suggest is the best place to start.
I shall now jump off my soap box, then back on, then off for 30 more reps…



You make some really good points about longevity and performance. Yeah i could make some initial performance enhancments and recovery with the sarms/tbol/hdrol. Actually Ive just remembered tbol/hdrol are notorious for shin pumps thatll negatively effect cardio sessions so their out. So that leaves low dose sarms Ostarine/Lgd or up trt to 150mg.

Was 150mg noticable for performance/recovery for you? I used to use Ostarine or lgd with mk677 both stacks seemed to really help with joints and the slight water retention from them seemed to help joints as well. Did you have any of those benefits with upping your trt dose? Nice to hear opinions on this subject from older guys looking to adapt to keep training hard.

I think upping the test to 150mg is the “safer” option, again easy to test bloods and a known substance.
I would imagine at that much of an increase you should see an amazing amount of recovery and guaranteed no sides (actually I obviously dont know any of this but as the main thing Ive seen on this site is the power of placebo I thought I’d throw that in.)
I dont remember feeling that much of a difference going between 125mg and 200mg but I’m very impatient and rarely wait long enough to truly see whats happening before changing something, if I was an adult I’d try the 150mg for a few months and go from there.

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Thanks again mate, you clearly get it. I think upping to 125mg - 150mg like you say is alot safer than messing with sarms to compensate and probably more effective especially considering the age.

From doing some more research its probably adding something like var or tbol down the line for 5 weeks if i wanted it for specific reasons instead of sarms…they are at least time tested. If im mid 800’s at 100mg then i suspect 150mg will get me to 1000 but bloods will tell obviously. Appreciate the feedback thank you.