TRT (2x/Week 45 mg Test E.) but Still High SHBG

Hi guy
My shbg problem i have befor i goin on whit trt.
I try all diet and doo all blood test.
But nothing show wher is the shbg problem
Now im 2 months on trt whitaout hcg and ai.
Lost blood test whas.
E2 36
Testo total 4.5
Corti 9
Tsh 1.2
Dhea 190
Shbg 76!

The blood test i do 3 days after 45 mg shot of testo .e.
I us last year more fat in my diet and going down whit carbs,can this by the reson?

What can whit it?
Mayby 1 shot all 6 days 90 mg?