TRT. 25 Y/O. Nebido? Bloodwork

Hey guys
Former personaltrainer, teamtrainer in crossfit/yoga and fitness within teamsports… 2014 i went through testicular cancer, chemo and surgeries and was left feeling horrible!

I tried to recover naturally, but was always fighting fatigue, brain fog, hairloss, muscle loss, sexual drive wich then lead me to research my testosteron levels: In India they were TT 260 and free 7.5 (8-35) ?

Comming back to Denmark I continued to recover naturally, but still fought against faul fatigue, tiredness, depression… Blood was drawn and T came 15nmol wich is kinda ok, but not great…

I have started TRT wich was a injection of Nebido 1000ml 750mg active T ? 6weeks after my T level was 15nmol wich i dont function any good at… I am now on my second injection week 6, and feel FU**** horrible…

nevertheless. symptoms

  1. Low libido
  2. Erection quality “worse”
  3. I feel awesome week 1-4, at week 5/6 i lose benefits of TRT and become depressed, lose energy, mental clarity and overall grumpy none social.

So basicly i have no idea why my libdo and erections are worse with TRT then with low T? OK i get the point with Nebido, but heck I live off of fitness? I dont need the same protocol as a 80year old man!

Bloods from TRT: any ideas on my numbers / symptoms?
part 1
part 2

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With your protocol, you have rising and falling T levels and same for E2. You may be suffering from high E2 levels. The drug of choice is anastrozole which needs to be balanced to blood T levels and if T levels are changing, there is an obvious problem.

Your treatment options there may be greatly constrained by state medicine.

Your labs are not very useful without lab ranges. Can you add to spreadsheet and re-post?