TRT 24 M - High SHBG

Part. For 3 years I have been struggling with the symptoms of low T. Slabe libido, no morning erection, no full erection, fast loss of erection, no sexual thoughts and fantasies, fatigue, poor progress in the gym despite good training / diet. For 3 years I have been to many doctors, they all prescribed me Tadalafil / Viagra and sent me home - despite good results in the research, high SHBG for my age.

-SHBG is always 45 to 65 where the norm is (18-54) My ft in the calculator is 12-14ng / dl
-T total always in the upper limit 700-900 (250-870)
-Estradiol normal -
Prolactin usually in the upper limit, often degraded with the drug (no improvement)
-Thyroid, blood is fine.

I found a clinic that only wants to treat me and help me improve my well-being, return my libido and energy. I’m supposed to start with 100mg e / 7d with no AI and no HCG. After 3-4 weeks of blood tests. We are to try trt for 6-7 months initially and try to unblock and see if the SHBG goes down. Is beating testosterone alone without HCG okay at my age?

Once I had a test with HCG prescribed by the clinic - there was a visible improvement in erection / libido

You could address this before trying TRT, since you’re not hypogonadal.

I would be very hesitant to go this route so young. Do you already have kids?

I was tried - no effects on symptomps

no. I dont think about kids now

You could try increasing free testosterone naturally. Boron, magnesium, zinc, vitD and high carb diets may help. I doubt it would make a huge difference, but it is worth trying.

Increasing testosterone will increase free testosterone. Given your current levels, I doubt 100mg a week will be enough.