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TRT 100mg/Week Injection


Hi there, could someone explain me this : if you take eny roid calculator and enter 100mg of testosteron enanthate per week ( basal TRT dose ) it gives you total blood level about 200, and you can read everywhere that with 100 weekly you should be about upper range ( 800-900 ) ?
How can it make level of 800-900 with it's half life about 5 days ?


probably because your roid calculator is broken...


I don't think so, tried few ...


Ok, I've made a simple excel calculation, with half life of 5 days max you can get injecting 100 every 5 days is 200.

day one - 100
day 5 - 100+50=150
day 10 - 100+75=175
day 15 - 100+87,5=187,5
day 20 - 100+93,75=193,75
day x - 100+100=200 this is the max you can get if the half life is 5 days and you inject it every 5 days, correct me if my calculations are wrong


not sure if I follow you. But are you trying to work out if you inject 100mg test what your TT levels will be?

From what I have read on here and other places 100mg of test should roughly put you in the 800 range. This is just a rough figure and depends on variables. So if you inject 200mg you might be looking at 1600 TT maybe......


That's what I'm trying to figure out, how it can build up to 800 from injecting 100 every 5 days if the half life is 5 days


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I'm waiting for your very smart explanation if I'm wrong, or maybe...
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Your math looks wrong. You are calculating values based on 100mg but in blood values mgs are not used. They use nmol or ng... but not mgs hence your maths is incorrect.

I don't think there is any formula in place really to set this in stone. Everyone is different and that is one of the reasons why they estimate 800ng/dl is roughly equivalent to 100mg of testosterone.


I'm not going to sit and try to explain math over the internet to some polock who doesn't understand the difference between 'mg' and 'ng', nor account for the volume of blood (dL) for his mental masturbatory exercise...


ok thanks for correcting me, sure you are right, what I calculated was total testosteron in the blood not in the one dl


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This thread made my day.

Blood serum levels dude.

It ain't in the roid calculator manual.


I needed this this morning. Excellent.