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TRT 1 Year Update


This is weird because I seem to get that with higher e2 dry eyes dry nipples, but nasty oily skin??..Had an eye exam done few days ago because of this tired feeling in eyes and the only thing they found was dry spots.

Not sure how much sense it makes since you one should hold more water with high e2


High E2 = less urination, meaning you are hold onto more water weight. Watch a high E2 man piss out quarts of water after taking an AI.


Not sure if it’s just allergy or e2 that am experiencing.

My skin has actually been great since trt. So far!
I use to get these dry cracking skin on elbow. I have lots of extra skin there ( not from being fat).
Also my skin on knees were very dry also.

Now so smooth. If you scratch your legs or arms lightly and you see the whitish streak remain , you know when it’s dry. I use this test to see if my skin drying out. If i scratch now you can easily tell it’s not dry.


Anyone prefer culturelle v. Schiff digestive advantage both probiotics.

I would like to use for constipation. I know I can do other diet things.
Just want to know if any of you guys have a recommendation?



update- endo put me on 25 mcg t4. she wants to start low.

She also thinks my thyroid is fine. no sub clinical hypo but she is willing to try t4 cause I wanted it. she also thinks my free t4 #s are good and is happy with it.

my tsh has averaged 3.
t3 free fine usually above 3.0. but low normal total t3 and total t4 consistently.

Endo said that the Testosterone may cause the lower total t3 and t4 because they bind with other things. she also does not suggest supplementing dhea while on TRT i guess unless its actually low. she did agree with me (hope she remembers) that since thyroid treatment is starting we want TSH bet 1 and 2.
I told her about being sensitive to cold - like cold hands and erratic body temperature and really no answer.

@physioLojik if you can comment on this that would be super. esp where my endo said total t3 and total t4 could be low because of trt and binding.

Any other comments from anyone appreciated.


Hi mate, when my E2 was low I looked about 30 years older and had terrible flaky dry skin. Now that that’s sorted out, I have great skin and look my sexy self again lol
I was shedding skin like a snake, and found I was always cold in my feet and penis. That’s all clearing up now also. I wonder if low hormones effects the thyroid in some way, like it just doesn’t function properly. My thyroid numbers where on point but I had bad symptoms of cold throughout.


Those thyroid numbers are during my trt. But yeah I think if trt raised ur testosterone and e2 because it was low it affects everything.

What’s your TSH?


TSH 1.26 0.27 - 4.20
FREE T3 4.88 pmol/L 3.10 - 6.80
FREE THYROXINE 19.7 pmol/L 12.00 - 22.00

That was my last pull during symptoms. I had cold feet and the swordfish was ice cold plus all them other symptoms ED the heap. Dropping my AI after taking it religiously for YEARS! fixed my problems. When u say all day pissing that indicates low E2. Your thyroid numbers are low and TSH a bit high. Is the t4 helping in any way ? are you taking any other meds ?


I just started the t4 today.
I take allopurinol, multi and extra D3 2x a week. Also daily Cialis.

I’ll keep you posted. Goal is to get TSH under 2. My cold hands manageable and not everyday .
I feel pretty good.

I think my e2 is currently fine but I think since I switched to im it’s lower. Last lab e2 was in 20s. I will be doing labs in about 4-6 weeks.


Yeah keep me posted, I’ve taken a keen interest in this stuff the past few years. I also take 5mg cialis daily, I find its a great addition to my supplement stack for many reasons lol.

My E2 sits at 160pmol which I think is nearly 40 in the USA, I’d have to check the converter again though I could be off on that. But I feel great at that though I am on 500mg test. When I had E2 80pmol I had the cold symptoms and miserable.


I would have symptoms at those numbers.



It goes against what I have read online that’s for sure @systemlord but it is what it is. It’s 43 on the converter lol by past beliefs I would have been stressed at those numbers but things feel optimal. At 500mg test that’s possibly about right.I felt terrible at 80pmol… Unless - my body was rejecting Arimidex itself as a compound, I’m not sure? It was suicide so depressing

Anyway Charlie’s case is different his is indicating a thyroid problem by his labs.


I’ll be following along Charlie… Interested to see if the T4 helps you. I stared the same dose as you a while back and lasted about five weeks but felt like shit on the stuff. Got really bad joint pains which I’m still suffering with months after stopping. Before taking the T4 my joints were good. Think levo does not agree with me!


If u started at 25 mcg. You need to retake labs after 6 weeks and adjust dose. Usually go up from there. Endo said I can actually see a rise in TSH at the beginning. We shall see…

Am still not sure if t4 is like trt. Does it shut me down?


On 500 mg test. E2 in the 40s sounds good. There’s something about ratio. If t higher you should be able to handle more e2.

When I was chasing e2 should equal 22, I took arimidex off and on and I was on a rollercoaster of symptoms.


Yeh I was following the same protocol as you, 25 mcg and was gonna increase to 50 mcg after six weeks but I felt so bad I had to stop. Had terrible brain fog which actually felt I had brain damage. Could not function at all… I have bloods next week and if thyroid still looking messed up will maybe try T3 and see how I get on with that.

Many people get on fine with levo but many can’t tolerate it. Hopefully you be fine :wink:


I hear you. I’ll keep you posted. Do you have lab numbers while on the 25 mcg? Curious also to see your labs you taking soon. Thx . Can you please tag me when you post them.

I did allot of reading and if 25 is too small you can actually feel worse. But it sounds like you get way worse.

Some need to have brand name synthroid. Not the generic. Just throwing that out there.


I should have done some bloods before I stopped the T4 but did not unfortunately… I also read the same info about feeling worse on a low dose and I may well have felt better with the increased dose. I just felt so awful I couldn’t face taking it any longer.

I was taking branded levo and not generic, but I know some people have issues even with the branded stuff.

Will defo tag you when I post my next lot of bloods…

All the best.




Also for those following. I was checking my older records. It’s possible I am primary hypogonadism. Or maybe a combination.

In 2015 I had testicular pain. Urologist said looks like nothing but order ultrasound. Radiologist indicated heterogeneous texture of 1 my testicles. And said check for orchitis since no tumor.
So Dr prescribed antibiotics.
The pain went away but that testicle is still heterogeneous texture and May have always been like that or it was caused by orchitis. So it is very possible that testicle is not producing testosterone. Testicles suppose to be homogeneous (smooth) .btw those feeling their testes you can’t feel that it’s heterogeneous as they both feel smooth.

That’s why an thinking that clomid though elevated my LH and FSH only brought my t to 500.