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TRT 1 Year Update


Have you had your bilirubin checked, like system? Curious where your test is at.


Bilirubin total .5 range 0-1.2

Mine is never high.


My hct was just under 46 now 48. We’ll see if it goes back down. If anything I just go back down to 90 mg. I changed recently cause I thought e2 was low.


My bilirubin was 2.0 in a normal range <1.0.


The highest mine has been was 1.2, no symptoms.


My previous test was also 1.2 back when I was on two injection per week, Total T and Free T were much higher and levels were swinging. The catch 22 is my levels were swinging giving my liver a break. Strangely liver function tests look great.


Bilirubin increased to 2.0 with every day injections? Was 1.2 with every other day?


Was 1.2 on 50mg twice weekly and I’m guessing a little higher on EOD and 2.0 on daily. As I increase injection frequency bilirubin increases.


So you think that the twice weekly gave your liver time to recover? OR, it could be a cumulative effect.


I never had this burning sensation on twice weekly, I didn’t start to experience minor burning sensations until EOD protocols, it happened so infrequent I never gave it much thought. An ED protocol brought it out like a vengeance after 10 days.

Now I’m looking back at the bilirubin levels and see a steady increase on the different protocols, it’s linear as injection are moved closer together.


Am having a brain fart.

With same frequency does im produce a bigger spike then subq?


SQ produces a slower release, a smaller more gentle peak. Think of a tall sharp mountain (Matterhorn) vs a gentle rolling hill.


In addition to labs above I have the testosterone labs i just got: BTW is it worth waiting for the LCMS assay for Total T or is ECLIA fine? LCMS is indicated if you have a low total t using ECLIA.

Testosterone Free, Profile II
Testosterone, Total, LC/MS 700.1 ng/dL 264.0 - 916.0 02
Sex Horm Binding Glob, Serum 26.2 nmol/L 16.5 - 55.9 01
Testost., Free, Calc 161.5 pg/mL 30.3 - 183.2

I calculated its 2.3% free

So I will maintain course. I feel fine. Bloating just recently got better after 3-4 weeks from protocol change. I do hope to see HCT number go back down to 46 on next lab in next couple of weeks. It does look like I have room to reduce my dosage slightly and be fine. or change back to subq.

those interested in food allergy profile here it is: good to do to see what foods may bother u. i included cottonseed cause that the oil in my T cyp. and got interested when system found out he is probably allergic to it.
looks like i have sensitivity to shrimp.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Food Allergy Profile
Class Description 02
Levels of Specific IgE Class Description of Class

< 0.10 0 Negative
0.10 - 0.31 0/I Equivocal/Low
0.32 - 0.55 I Low
0.56 - 1.40 II Moderate
1.41 - 3.90 III High
3.91 - 19.00 IV Very High
19.01 - 100.00 V Very High

100.00 VI Very High
F001-IgE Egg White <0.10 kU/L Class 0
F013-IgE Peanut <0.10 kU/L Class 0
F014-IgE Soybean <0.10 kU/L Class 0
F002-IgE Milk <0.10 kU/L Class 0
F207-IgE Clam <0.10 kU/L Class 0
F024-IgE Shrimp 0.37 Abnormal kU/L Class I
F256-IgE Walnut <0.10 kU/L Class 0
F003-IgE Codfish <0.10 kU/L Class 0
F338-IgE Scallop <0.10 kU/L Class 0
F004-IgE Wheat <0.10 kU/L Class 0
F008-IgE Corn <0.10 kU/L Class 0
F010-IgE Sesame Seed <0.10 kU/L Class 0
Triiodothyronine (T3), Free 3.1 pg/mL 2.0 - 4.4
K083-IgE Cottonseed <0.10 kU/L Class 0


If your T is now normal, why do you need to take Cialis, doesn’t that fix the ED or cause it?


Sounds good.


I probably don’t need. I stopped it a few months ago to test. After 8 days of stopping I maintained a good erection. Just a bit softer.

But I take Cialis for it’s many other benefits. Like it lowers my blood pressure so I don’t need to take the regular blood pressure medication.
Some think it’s anti aging. You can look up all it’s benefits.

This is good reading on Cialis



So I think that I have subclinical hypothyroidism. I sort of knew this but Drs would not treat. My shbg is in low to mid 20s. My total t4 and total t3 always on the low end. So my thyroid is keeping up with free t3 but it is erratic and struggling. This is what I see from what I know. Hopefully Dr agrees. My body temperature at 1pm could be 97.7 then 30 minutes later I feel good and it’s 98.4 or so and cold hands no more.

I have an appointment with my wife’s Endo in 2 weeks. She is more open to treatment. So I see her giving me t4 which will make me feel better and raise my shbg. Making my t treatment more stable.

So I think we all fool around with Injection frequency and dosage to compensate for other underlining conditions.

Also, it’s becoming clear that the IM Injections I started 5 weeks ago is causing spikes probably because of my lower shbg. So I may end up going back to subq or lower my dose on IM. But am staying the course because if I get the t4 medication that may fix it.

Today am pissing my water weight - I think .All day urgency in my pissing. Am really missing the normalcy I had pre trt pre low t.

Btw I still feel good overall.


I think you mentioned this recently I forgot.

Tired burning eyes was the low e2 4 u or anyone else?
And i don’t feel as strong


Everything gets dried out, does make my eyes feel “tired” .


Dry eyes is always low E2 for me, had dry eyes for more than a year when testosterone was low.

Funny how I go from low E2 to high E2 on TRT.