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TRT 1 Year Update


Were you having symptoms at 30 though?


How were you feeling when your E2 was in the 30’s?

Edit @alphagunner LOL great minds think alike! We must have replied at the same time!


I was fine. My e2 was in the mid 30s. even with 44 injections my e2 was in the mid 30s.

The only thing I see being lower e2 is great penile sensation .

Maybe I can cut out the brussel sprouts, zinc and lemon stay same dosage . I can easily retake labs in a couple of weeks.


Well you know what they say about letting your dick drive ALL of your decisions!!


I was not intentionally trying to lower e2. As I felt fine. Just added lemon water, brussel sprouts for health in general.


You gotta admit though…that was FUNNY!!

I would go back up to 50mg for around 8 weeks. You may even be able to drop the Cialis (I think I remember you saying you took that daily right?) and come out of it having better erections than ever!


And continue zinc, lemon?

Ik it was funny. Cause having my dick at attention when needed which is frequent is a top priority for sure.

Cialis I use for blood pressure to. I will keep that. And it seems to be anti aging from what I read.


Personally, I would drop the zinc and lemon and go up on Test. Then, after a few weeks I would add one or the other back in and wait a few more weeks to see if I noticed any differences. Then do the same trial with the other. When there is too much in the mix at one time you really don’t know what is driving what.

The zinc is probably driving your SHGB down which is going to affect your Free T. Free T levels will affect E2 levels. Let everything stabilize on just a straight TRT protocol and then change things one at a time from there.

If the Cialis is working to keep BP under control, then that’s a hell of a lot better than having to take and actual BP med. Keep that. I was thinking on the “drop it” line because I read somewhere that Cialis can have the effect of getting erections, but leaving them a little softer and spongier than a true blue vein throbber would naturally be. Again, if you’re utilizing other benefits then by all means work around keeping it in.


Thank you.

Depending on what day i still get those diamond cutters. When levels are right you can tell cause those erection are hard asf Even on Cialis.

So I will drop the zinc, lemon. Still eat occasional sprouts. And bring up my test to 48 mg 2 x a week. Still take my multi and 5k vit D and 200 mg at night of mg


let ur penis do the thinking, the consequences don’t matter!


@NH_Watts you have opinion bro?


My Dr said It’s too variable. Labs may be messed up but the numbers below look ok and if you feel well leave it be.

And he not a fan of zinc.

Dr goes by how I feel.

He agreed that I can retake labs at LabCorp instead of Bioreference to see where I stand.

So I will not increase dose at this point but cut the zinc. And limit lemon water further. And redo labs in a couple of weeks.

I need to be careful and avoid a rollercoaster. So if I increase dose then feel e2 is high … You know the coaster starts…


Zinc is powerful…lemon water I would question its ability to do anything too drastic. But if you want to limit it then whatever. I think cut the zinc and then redo labs in a bit like you said. Is there zinc in your multi and are you also supping it separately in ZMA or something?


Multi has 24 mg zinc oxide. And I take 20 mg zinc picolinate


I think the US RDA is 11mg-15mg. You might be A) taking too much B) be sensitive to it

I just checked and I get 15mg zinc bisglycinate from my multi and 30mg from zinc mono-L-methionine and zinc aspartate. Pretty close to your 44mg but maybe the source makes a diff. Or maybe it wont for you. Id cut out the picolinate and see whats up and take it from there.


I didn’t record the date but I may have done my first IM injection right before my 10/22 lab where e2 was at 14 shallow IM . I use 5/16 " and always did subq. And injections that week (after 10/22) was def shallow im. So perhaps the 2nd lab I took that week on 10/26 where e2 was less than 5 was because of continued IM.

Ik. Who the fuck knows.

So I will continue the swallow IM on quads / upper legs. Cut the extra zinc. And redo labs in a few unless I get def low e2 sides. If e2 still low then I can conclude it’s probably the IM injections that did that. And decide depending on labs/feel if I should increase dose and continue IM or switch back to subq.

I also increased my dose a tad from 44 mg to 46 mg per injection.

I decided to switch to shallow im cause of convenience. Needle going straight in and no pintc of fat. So far I can say I feel better. The knee clicking and sometimes another joint I will monitor with my e2.

B4 trt my elbows would get super dry . Right now they have not changed. Are nice and smooth since starting trt.


@alphagunner @physioLojik

I stopped the 20 mg extra zinc I was taking. But you know what I was taking that way longer than the citrucel fiber tabs that I started recently.

I read something maybe physio can comment that when constipated estrogen can get reabsorbed since the crap is sitting there. Hence why it comes out dry and hard. Now I made my self way more regular as of late , you know soft and going every morning. Citrucel tabs are bulk forming fiber.

Could this have lowered my e2?

I tag alpha because ik he is trying to figure out why his e2 is low.

Ask Physiolojik Thread

I don’t think it can “lower” your e2, as much as help you flush it from your bowels.

I’m doing much better on the e2 issue now that ive stopped all supps.


Alpha have you looked into if magnesium lowers e2? Just for me to know thx


Not sure. If it has anything to do with clearing pathways in the liver, then it might.