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TRT 1 Year Update


Estradiol was in the 20’s but then your tests states that E2 SERUM was less than 5. How are they relative?


Right I measured both eia and lcms. E2 on lab ls LCMS assay.


@charlie12 no I understand. I’m just confirming. I worry about you changing much since you feel good right now besides slight joint pain. I really think your levels are good.

Edit. If anything like I said I’d bump your t up slightly.


Please check my full labs from 10/22. Curious about my iron and ferritin too. Thanks.


@charlie12 what drugs are you using currently? I see slightly elevated prolactin. How is your general sense of motivation?

Don’t worry about your iron / fer at this point.


I have energy . Libido good. Want sex everyday.
Motivation good to. With the lower e2 btw my penile sensation is awesome. So easily aroused

I take allopurinol 300 mg daily, 5 mg Cialis , 20 mg zinc picolinate, 200 mg magnesium glycinate at night . Multi vitamin. Occasional 500 mg vit c. Several days warm lemon water. And citrucel tabs for constipation @physioLojik
Am at Kalahari now with family and doing all the stuff with the kids . Fun time. Am 41 and beat them up the flights of stairs to get in the rides. Lol

Also the report was amended with these 2 test that they forgot to run.

CORTISOL, RANDOM 13.1 2.5-25.0 ug/dL
IGF-I (SOMATOMEDIN-C) 222 H 43-209 ng/mL

My igf was like 228 a few months ago.

Ask Physiolojik Thread

What are the symptoms of high prolactin? Does tren cause it to be elevated?


@physioLojik I responded to your questions above. I Don’t want to lose you…:grinning:


Sorry to jump on your thread but saw @physioLojik was on and responding and had to ask a question. My doc said something that had me questioning him to myself and wanted to know if there was any legitimacy to what he said. I’m on a cream and little over four weeks ago my total T was around 1000, four weeks later I dropped to somewhere in 500’s. He wants me to take saw palmetto thinking I am converting T into DHT and that could be lowering my total so wants to lower the conversion rate. Does it even work that way? I didn’t think it did so hoping you could share some knowledge on it with me.


He’s like Batman bro…here then gone!!! Lol

Just another thought to add to your well laid out advice…you mentioned that you take a multi as well…for curiosities sake, how much B-12 is in that multi?


It’s just strange. Had to be something I added recently. Unless I reached hemostasis after 11 months.


There is a thread in Pharma, where you can specifically ask him questions.


Thanks that’s good to know


This is nothing about physio, but I thought I’d link this because it’s funny


Yeah that’s not too high on the B-12, if that’s the only source you take supplement wise. My multi has like 5000%DV of B-12. I wound up dropping it because I get plenty B-12 with my C4 preworkout.

Just checking to see if there was a correlation there…


@alphagunner in your opinion do you think I should keep dosage the same and stop lemon and zinc?

I just don’t want to be in a situation that my e2 goes up if I make to many changes


Even if it goes up a little its not the end of the world. I would stop all e2 control. maybe go up a little on test like physio said.

Whats your protocol right now?


44 mg 2x a week.


Was 50 twice a week too much? Your on the lower end of SHBG if I remember.


The 50 or 44 normally had my e2 in the 30s. So I I just did 44 to keep e2 in check.
My shbg is currently 26. Was in mid 30s. B4 that mid 20s.