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TRT 1 Year Update


Thanks. Am at lab now. Retaking t numbers, thyroid and e2. I just made a copy of lab request cross out what I did not want and did the others.

Am a lab addict.lol Also first time taking labs 24 hours after an injection.

Will post results next week

Btw hands cold most of the day. Then all of a sudden they feel fine. Probably something to do with fluctuating hormones since most days my temp gets close to 98.5. Not today though.


@flatdanny read these posts that @alphagunner put on my old thread.


Thanks for the links Charlie. I agree, chasing numbers is not the best way to go and going on how we feel is what we should be ultimately aiming for. Feeling like shit with nice numbers means nothing. I am going to reduce my dose and see how that makes me feel. I’ve felt pretty crap with higher doses so time for a change.


Interesting read. Men who have mid range t levels live longer. And mid-high normal dht.


nice charlie! may i ask, are you working this with an endo or uro?

wtf i havent been tested for tryglicerious


Endo prescribed t. He ordered MRI pituitary and thyroid ultrasound.
Then switched to urologist who manages it.

Probably should not have retaken labs today. Got flu shot Tuesday and had some sides from it.


I retook my estradiol sensitive to confirm low value.

But I just thought about 3 things I did different. Taking citrucel fiber for constipation and was doing warm lemon water a few days a week. Maybe I made my liver too efficient.
I also started magnesium glycinate at night about 6 weeks ago.


Hi @charlie12, glad everything seems to be working well for you. How long have you been on the 5mg cialis daily? Are you, or are there any concerns around it’s effectivness long term?


Studies indicate no long term loss of efficacy. You can Google the studies.

For me it helps avoid any Ed, lowers my blood pressure , and helps with workouts.
If you need a bigger boost for erections vcab always take an extra 5 mg on Friday. :+1:t2:

If I wasn’t taking Cialis I would probably be on a blood pressure medication. Cardiologist told me to keep taking it. If pressure rises will prescribe a standard BP medication.
One of the only bad things I read about it is a possible side of increasing change of skin cancer.

Here is a thread that I created recently. I am the OP even though it says “anon102”


Interesting thanks Charlie. Out of interest did you get much response on the cit mal (I won’t get chance to read that thread properly until later). I take a N.O stack each day and it works very well. Bit more cit mal than that though (6g).


I never tried the cit. Others have in the thread.


Ok I am besides myself. How can my e2 be so low.

10/22 lab trough
10/26 day after injection

Only change mg glycinate I take at night 200mg, citrucel tabs for constipation. Warm lemon water a few times a week .

Protocol: 44 mg 2x a week. Multi, 20mg zinc picolinate, 200 mg mg gly, daily 5mg Cialis.
Btw last couple of weeks my penile sensitivity is great. Easy erections. I also feel really good but I do notice some little knee clicking , minor lower back pain sporadically.

Help @alphagunner @physioLojik @NH_Watts



Warm Lemon Water
and Cialis.

You doing it to yourself bro! All those things adding up.


I can stop the first 2

@alphagunner or maybe my other functions are good and I need to inject more.


Its gonna be a problem when you actually injure something. Also your tennis/golfers elbow, will never heal if your e2 is low.


You are at 500 TT, can you move up some? your not taking any AI right?


@charlie12 it isn’t that low. I wouldn’t think that level is giving you joint issues. Why not bump your test up ever so slightly.

Edit. Whoa sorry I misread that!?!! Yea your e2 is in the shits. Bump your test and get off zinc


Serum is low though, correct? Couldn’t this cause issues? System was saying that Defy told him that his serum e2 was being affected.


@physioLojik so glad u chimed in. :wink: Estradiol Is in 20s but e2 was less than 5.


@charlie12 estradiol is e2. I’m curious as to your e1 levels as well.