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TRT 1 Year Update


I checked stool for h pylori about 6 months ago. Negative.

He will check for several bacteria from scope yesterday. He took tissue. So am sure he checking pylori because he mentioned it.

Dr also checked stool for pancreatic elastase that resulted over 500. Normal over 200. So I appear not to have pancreatic insufficiency. Still good to take enzymes? BTW I get a warm sensation soon after enzymes.

Thanks @physioLojik.
It’s basically anything I eat. Had a chicken roll. I blow up. Had plain Cheerios - plain is GMO gluten free-with lactaid milk for breakfast and it does the same. I will see to get you my diet.


I need help.

This endoscopy done last Wednesday is doing something. I really feel like something went wrong.

It’s a common procedure so if any has any input please post.

Wednesday afte procedure and into Thursday all day had a dull pain near sternum. Really felt it lying down or sitting. Called Dr Thursday night says if I get fever, shortness of breath or back pain to go to ER. I had none of those. He said procedure went fine. They did take tissue to send for testing which I found out friday is negative for bacteria etc.

So now that I’ve had this symptom for a few days it feels more like a dull burning. Keep in mind I almost never ever get acid reflux. So am not sure how it feels.

Was ok last night but when I woke up had the annoying dull pain burning. Wtf?

I’ve been reading about perforation and damage to esophagus sphincter. IDK

Is this normal?

If I need to follow up I should probably see a different gastroenterologist.

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Where was the tissue taken from? Does ibuprofen help?


I will call Dr Monday for details.

Tylenol helped Thursday. But I only took it then. I feel like I want to feel the pain To see if things are getting worse. Stupid idea?

It’s like a 2 pain/burn on a scale to 10. Minor. And slight nausea feeling.


I mean tissue was removed Charlie so Id expect to feel something. A guy I work with has a prostate biopsy done and they took tissue from 16 spots. He was slightly achy for a week.


Possibly the after effects of the procedure Charlie. Should pass after a week or so. I’d keep an eye on things and contact your doctor if you are worried or feel something is not right. Doctor said it went fine, so probably just needs time to settle down. I’ve never had it done so I don’t know much on it. Maybe take some painkillers and see in a weeks time. What was wrong for you needing it done ?


Bloat investigation.
Dr tried digestive enzymes. Now gave xifaxan gi antibiotic. But not taking until my symptom are gone.


Girl I know going way back was having bad bloat and it turned out to be Crohn’s disease. I know if I eat too much oats my stomach bloats up pretty bad and the gas coming out is super hot. It’s enough to clear a room within 30 seconds. Everything feels inflamed on the way through my system. Could it be diet related your problem?


I think I’m with @NH_Watts on this, might have been the tissue removal causing the pain. You don’t have a fever and have no other symptoms, right? I’ve had bad heartburn in the past and I wouldn’t really call it a dull pain, but it does present that way in some folks.

As far as the bloat mentioned, my mother had unexplained bloat for YEARS. I’m talking she looked like she was going to pop, had all kinds of testing done, nothing found. A naturopath told her to take L-Glutamine because it helps with intestinal health and it solved her problem within a couple weeks.


Sorry for the late response Charlie, but I agree with @NH_Watts that’s it’s probably irritation from the tissue sample they took. If you were having a heart attack, you’d be dead by now lol!

Anxiety could be amplifying that too. Have a glass of wine and relax. (Joke. Wine may irritate it. A glass of cold milk might help though)

And stay away from spicy foods for a week or so!


I was diagnosed with Gerd 8 months after starting TRT, I had it before TRT, but TRT took it to a whole new level. I need surgery to correct the esophagus sphincter which is always open, so I haven’t been able to sleep horizontally for months.

Dr. Rand Mcclain has seen a big percentage of men with GI tract problems after starting TRT.


I heard this several times on here. After the xifaxan , I think it’s worth to reset the bacteria,. L glutamine is in my plan. How much do I take? And with food?


I’ve been in trt for over a year now never had gerd. If anything it was the endoscopy that caused an issue. We shall see if am over reacting.

I had bloat only before trt as well


1000mg in the morning before food.


It’s funny you say your mom has bloat. My mother is almost 70 and she is the same way. Blows up . I’ll be the guinea pig. She tried lots of treatment. But not l glutamine


L-Glutamine is usually pretty harmless so you should do pretty well on it. It can be stimulating in susceptible individuals as it’s a precursor to glutamate, which is an excitatory neurotransmitter. If you get some anxiety then it’s probably the glutamine, but it usually doesn’t do it to most people.


@jpt365 do you believe in taking any probiotics? And if you do which one


I do believe in them, this is the one I take and I recommend to people:

Nutrition Essentials #1 Rated Acidophilus Probiotic digestive health supplement - Most CFU’s per Bottle - 60 Tablets 100% Money Back Guarantee https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L3JTHME/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_VKmyCb8A6MGH9

So far my wife, mother, sister and a couple of friends have taken this one with great results. It works better than the $60 refrigerated probiotics I’ve bought in the past.



I use digestive advantage by Schiff.
Looks like it had the same main ingredient one like yours. But it looks like yours is a blend.


Does this stuff really work? What’s the difference you noticed and how long did you supplement before noticeable effects.