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TRT 1 Year Update


Have you tried hanging for your shoulder?

Basically it has cured all my shoulder issues. (impingements)


Tell me more baby.

Like a dead hang?

I have the pain upper chest under collar bone. It’s referred pain that makes me think it’s the shoulder.

So frustrating cause now I just do light curls cause I want pain to go away. Dr said about 4 weeks.

When I was doing the dips the wrong way I didn’t feel pain. Still don’t feel the pain. But it’s there if I push on it or use my arm to like get up.


under the collar bone, by your shoulder? Or more inwards, towards your throat?

Dead hang. 30 seconds at a time, up to 2 minutes a day. creates more space in the joint. and actually reshapes bone and stuff after a while (wolfs law)


have you stretched your pecs for an extended period? have you tried releasing it with a tennis ball maybe?


In rub it with myself.

I do stretch it by placing lower arm against wall , applying slight pressure where elbow rests on wall and push my body forward.


try putting your arms elbows horizontally in a doorway, with forearms/hands up and forward.

Chest stretch using a doorframe essentially. Make sure your shoulder is not rolled forward when you try and stretch pec.


Went to gastro Dr yesterday.

Major complaint bloating. This was pre trt as well.

Prescribed digestive enzymes Creon.
Order abdominal and pelvic cat scan.
Wants endoscopy which I see no need for.
Wanted colonoscopy but had done 2015 so he’s not doing.

Also ordered labs checking for lipase amylase cileac, hemochromatosis cause my son is a carrier.
And stool test for pancreatic elastase. Which i have done before. Was fine.

And wants me on a low fodmap diet.
Hey @physioLojik found a Dr concerned about diet

What point is there to an endoscopy I get 0 hearr burn or pain?





The term FODMAP is an acronym, derived from “Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides And Polyols”. FODMAPs are short chain carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed in the small intestine.

Brussel sprouts no good according to this diet. Wtf


Can you give me an example of what you need to cut out?


Updated with pic. See above




He was very confident that digestive enzymes will fix my issue. Which is interesting because that’s the only thing I didn’t try and was thinking about doing.

I don’t mind the cat scan since I’ve never done one covering all my abdominal organs.

Endoscopy? I see no point.


So changing your diet and also taking oral enzymes? I tried adding an HCL supplement years ago and it seemed to help a bit but Im not a bloat sufferer unless I eat raisins. But that bloat works its way out :smiley:


I can only speak from my experience with Raynaulds. Don’t think Raynaulds lowers temperature though I could be wrong. I only have Raynaulds attacks when there’s a drop in temperature. And if you have and attack you would feel discomfort and most likely some pain. To me sounds like your colds hand could be a hypo symtom. Just my personal optionon though. Maybe check with Physio not that (;


I agree Danny

Though Dr just ordered Ana test. AntiNuclear antibody. @flatdanny

Antinuclear antibodies (ANA) are a group of [autoantibodies] produced by a person’s [immune system]


Regarding my bloat.
Gastric dr. Did endoscopy yesterday. Took tissue. Will do pathology. Area looked good visually

Since I told him I still have bloat with digestive enzymes he prescribed, Appears to be mostly air, He wants me to do antibiotic called xifaxan. It’s a targeted gi antibiotic. Does not enter bloodstream. Waiting insurance approval.
Still said to take enzymes.

Btw he said stomach acid does not affect digestion.



@charlie12 that’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.

Low HCL prevents gastric emptying and leaves food undigested.

He’s giving you an anti for SIBO.


I agree. @physioLojik

Is the anti ok to take/beneficial or should I wait on pathology?

I fart way more with digestive enzymes BTW. And stomach makes more noise.

I also take schiffs digestive advantage probiotic. I would add florastor while taking the anti - i dont want cdiff. is this good idea?


@charlie12 has he tested you for h pylori? It’s an in office test. Super easy.

It’s not abnormal to get gas from altering digestion. I would have to see your diet first. You can email me the info.

That anti is usually paired with another of several if he suspects SIBO. It’s relatively safe to try.